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    They see the name as whatever they have in their address book
  2. I do not think I could agree more. If an escort has new pics in the title of her posting I am clicking it for sure. Even if it is a girl who's profile I have viewed in the past and was not interested in. There have been times when the new pics have turned me around on a girl and I have gone and seen her. I think one of the features of new cell phone cameras that is under used is the timer. To 6Dave9's point about the poor quality of selfies I think that is one way to overcome that issue. Most new phone cameras have a more than high enough resolution for use on the internet.
  3. I am a big fan of Selfies (Photos of the escort taken in a mirror by herself). I once asked an escort why she only posted professional photos of her self and never posted any selfies. Her answer was that a lot of client assume that if you take selfies it is because you do not have enough money for professional pictures because you use the money for drugs. So I am curios to know if that is true. Do people think less of an escort who posts selfies as opposed to pictures that are taken by a professional photographer?
  4. braddx15

    Tendonitis :(

    The best way to heal tendonitis is to take time off. Because if you don't it will become chronic. I know a lot of people do not want to take drugs and pain killers but an anti inflammatory with some time off is a good idea. If you continue to use the tendon while it is inflamed it will continue to rub against the bone and cartilage and cause more damage. An anti inflammatory will reduce the swelling preventing the tendon from rubbing and causing more damage. Heat will make it feel better right after but ice is actually better for it. It will feel stiff and even worse right after you ice but you will feel better the next day than you would if you applied heat. You do not want to ice the area for more than 20 minutes at a time without taking at least an hour in between. I would also suggest taking a supplement called Glucosamine Chondroitin. It is a supplement that actually helps overall tendon health. You have to take the supplement for a while before you see any results but it is more of a long term solution. Lastly going to a physiotherapist and getting ultrasound and electric stimulation will also speed up the healing process
  5. braddx15

    Location Preference

    I find it very convenient when an SP gives me directions to the hotel that includes where I should park.
  6. If the ultimate goal is to have potential clients click on a link then put the words "new pics" in your title and actually provide frequent new pics. The reason why SPs get the question "Is it really you in your pictures" is because a person's appearance can change a lot overtime. The more recent the pictures the more certain a potential client will feel that he is getting what is advertised. They don't have to be professional pics. Personally I love the self portraits in the mirror In the actual post itself it is always helpful to list the services you provide and don't provide.
  7. braddx15

    Tablet Advice Please

    I think it depends on what you are planning to use the tablet for. If it is just to check your email and to surf on cerb from home then pretty much anything will do as these things do not take a very powerful tablet. Like a number of people have mentioned if you have a newer smart phone and already have a data plan with that then a data plan is not needed for your tablet. If you have an Iphone or an Ipod then you might want to go with an Ipad just for familiarity. Personally I have all Android stuff because it is cheaper and gives you all the same features.
  8. braddx15

    ''only service''

    Personally I prefer a "one price for all the services". But I don't think you should be offended if someone asks for an "only service" The reason why some people ask is because some people offer it even though they do not advertise that they offer it. If you don't ask you will never know.
  9. Personally I have to say I used CL, cerb and the cowboy diary as a package. I would read the reviews on cerb and then use CL to see who was available in real time so I could make a last minute appointment. I also checked the cowboy diary regularly to find the scams and was able to do a good job of avoiding them. I know it goes against the moderated nature of CERB but I would not mind having a non moderated, realtime buyer beware section on this site so I could see who was available in real time. This would provide everyone with the best of all worlds. Those who are more cautious could stick to the regular posts and those who liked what CL had to offer could check the unmoderated section. Just my two cents.