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    I am creating a Special Group for those who ADORE breasts.. ( , ) ( , ) place your favorite breast shots!!
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    I'll admit it.. I have a fatal weakness for women who wear glasses. Here's a place to recognize the lovely women of Cerb that sport the specs. Also a place to post some irresistible ladies from the web.
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    Don't get me wrong, I love all boobs, but there is just something about big knockers that makes you go MMMM! If you think more than a handful is a waste, then this isn't your place...
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    This is for all the men, and women who are fans of the big beautiful woman here on this site! I welcome you to post, and keep coming back!
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    Tattoos. Piercing. Odd hair colors. Body modifications. Goth. Edgy style...and for those of love them. Those women are awesome and deserve to have their own group:D Please before posting any pictures from any ladies from cerb ask permission before!
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