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  1. Erin a amazing Girl . No doubt one of the best body slide's I had in a long time . She a great girl if you get a chance to see her .
  2. I just wanted to say , She is a great girl . Seen here a few times and every moment was enjoyable . Worth the drive to see her ! If you have the chance definitely take the time and see her :D
  3. I saw Jolie recently , after talking to her in chat . She a lovely lady for the older gentleman and very talented at what she does . I would see her again :D Just like what everyone says above , Would recommended
  4. Just wondering , Currently cerb photo album upload is set at a resolution of 600 by 600 Pixels and a upload size of 97.7 KB . Would we ever see a bigger increase in resolution for uploaded pictures . ie. 1024X768 or bigger ? Am sure providers would love to see a increase in picture quality . Even giving this option for paid advertiser could be used a bonus for purchasing account. Or is it currently set this size due to bandwidth requirements ?
  5. I can confirm this , Daisy is amazing girl . I saw her a few weeks ago and she just simply amazing !
  6. I finally got to see DoubleDDLove666 aka Cassie . She a former dancer , and wow she still got the moves . Before booking with her we had chatted a lot and I found her to be a sweet charming girl . Everything about this girl is great . There nothing much I can complain about . I meet her at her nice incall place . She spent the time to dress up and we had a great time . I won't spend time explaining just go see this girl ! She well worth time ! Trust me gents ! Hope to see her around more !
  7. I finally got around to writing this review about another lovely CMJ Girl Amanda Page. After several chat session on Cerb I decided to see Amanda at CMJ West . When I arrived at the door Amanda greeted me in a pair of lovely stunning black heels with a matching Lingerie . She warmly give me a kiss and led me to our room . There we slowly undress while she seductively kiss me all over my naked body . Amanda that took my hand and we enter the already steamily hot shower . Where we proceeded to have soapy slow message while she slower caresses my backside . At this time I knew I had pick a amazing MA . I leave the rest out for yourself to find out . Please if you get a chance see Amanda Page at CMJ She is another great girl to add to the list .
  8. I know Pete , There amazing shoes !
  9. Found this on VIA Site , VIA Rail is offering you 50% off the adult regular fare in all service classes for travel throughout Canada until June 15, 2013 inclusive. Advance purchase is not required. This offer ends February 14, 2013, hurry. Any TO girls want to visit Ottawa hehe ! http://www.viarail.ca/en/50-percent-sale
  10. I had the chance to see Kelly a few time over the months . She is wonderful mature gal and I can safety say that is awesome ! She works for Angel's Touch which has a nice large rooms and wonderful atmosphere . I book her for a private lap dance and wow can this girl dance and work the pole . Kelly has been around the biz for a years and she is a great girl to see . I hope you gents enjoy seeing her . Another great girl to see !
  11. I met Tiffany a few weeks ago to . She is a great lady and a amazing massage . We had a wonderful time together ! And boy does she have a lot of sexy outfits ! Most of you guys mostly like saw her in the Nurse out fit ! Which is amazing . She is truly the Queen of Hearts for me ! (Inside joke to her) I really hope everyone get a chance to see her ! Treat her well Gents . Another Great find Angie !
  12. Happy Birthday Additional Comments: Happy Birthday
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