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  1. Deciding what frozen TV Dinner to buy at the corner store at 1 AM.
  2. Probably 3 or 4 before I stopped physically shaking, I still get nervous but it's a good nervous now.
  3. I knew why the thread was closed, the point of this thread was why the comments (respectful comments btw) were made in the first place. I was wondering why some members chose not to participate in the thread but to question whether or not the topic should even be broached. I think I am reading the responses correctly and the reason those who chose to comment did so was because they felt that asking who the "best" SP is, is not an appropriate question.
  4. Well I was going to address your post point by point but I'll just address it generally. I just think way to much was made about a word, best. I started this thread for a reason and now I'm glad I did because now I understand the real genesis of the issue. From previous posts there is an aversion here to using the word best, there seems to be a history with using the word as well. I think Kubirckfan and bewlayb made great points, people shouldn't get too upset about using the word best. IMO best=fav because it's an opinion, if you disagree then we have a disagreement, no need to go back and forth I've stated my point of view and you've stated yours. It also seems the men of the board are more concerned than the ladies are about this. Maybe some guys feel the need to be protective but I have no doubt that the ladies here on CERB can fend for themselves. There's another thread here talking about jealousy between the ladies and generally speaking most have no issues because they are confident in who they are and the services they provide. I'm sure if I stated who my best/fav SP was they wouldn't be hurt. They know there's a lot of their clients who would pick them, they show their fav/best SP that by being a regular. Btw I appreciate all the feedback, whether we agree or not.
  5. Well RG I see what you're saying and I will agree to disagree. Although I think too much was made about the title I respect the fact that each of us can read the same thing and take away different things. I think OutForFun made a great point about BEST=FAV since best is subjective. As an aside best bj/dt threads always annoy me :) Well ok, I think I know what triggered the responses, obviously a better response from the OP could changed things but I think he got defensive after starting what he thought would be an interesting thread.
  6. Maybe it was the title that people did not like.
  7. Lowdark I agree with everything you said, well almost :) I understand why the thread was closed, I understand that innocent threads can sometimes go off the rails. I don't want this to be an extension of that thread. I'm truly trying to understand why recommending a SP is ok but saying she's your favorite is not ok. I could understand if it was asked in a disrespectful way but in this case it wasn't. At the risk of sounding corny, I'm really trying to learn something here.
  8. I need some help, I followed a thread here for a couple of days, it was closed today and it made me angry. The thread started with a VERY positive post with praise and appreciation of the ladies of CERB and it turned very nasty and I don't know how it came to what it did. I'm not looking to rehash the thread, I understand that it got nasty but what I don't get is why this thread elicited comments from members that other similar threads have not. Just so you know where I'm coming from, there are a multitude of posts here asking for recommendations. - Can someone recommend an Asian girl in Ottawa? No problem. - Can someone recommend a BBW in Toronto? No problem - Looking for suggestions for a Duo. No problem. - I love and appreciate all the ladies here on CERB, <sp name> is my favorite, who's yours? Should be a fun thread! Big Problem! For those who haven't read the thread - http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=107411 What I don't understand is why singling out a girl for a recommendation is that different than saying who your favorite is. If you don't want to say who your favorite(s) is I understand, but I don't understand why you would post on the thread. How much different is it than recommending a particular lady of an ethnic group? How do other ladies of that ethnic group feel when you don't recommend them? Or recommending providers of a particular service or whatever, if you give the names of 1 or 2 ladies then there are countless others who are left out. So I'm just wondering why those who responded by saying that it wasn't an appropriate question (and that specific word, appropriate, was not used but clearly implied) think singling out a lady is ok, sometimes. Why did all the previous inquires go unchallenged and this one didn't. Just a couple more random comments about the thread. There was some talk of freedom of speech in the thread, CERB is not a democracy, words are censored, people are censored, the MOD(s) decides what can and cannot be said here on CERB and who can and cannot be a member. That doesn't mean people shouldn't enter discussions, just an observation. If you look at the comments on the 2nd post of the thread the OP is called a douchebag, really?, you read the OP and thought douchebag? So, again, the posts got nasty which is why the thread got closed, I get that. The OP got defensive which imo is understandable because reading his first post clearly he had good intentions, he could have responded MUCH better in subsequent posts but many senior members stoked the fire as well and I also feel he was ganged up on. In the end I'm not looking for an argument, I'm just curious how the 2 scenarios I've written about are THAT different. Whether you recommend a lady or say a lady is your favorite you are excluding every other SP. Ok that's it, no matter what I got it off my chest :)
  9. CERB is a Canadian site so I don't think it would be much help south of the border.
  10. Take a break and see someone else, you sound a little too smitten.
  11. I agree the whole suicide thing was a stretch and very few questions were asked, normally there is a lot more back and forth with the characters about a murder/suicide scene. I did find a lot of things about the first episode pushed the boundaries of how much they expect us to overlook. At least they saved a little face, imo, when Deb came back at Dexter with the clothes he was wearing and some of the things he said at the crime scene. I mentioned in a previous posts that some series go off the rails when the know the series is coming to an end, I hope Dexter doesn't push it any more than they did in the season opener.
  12. http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/faq.php?faq=abbreviations#faq_abvlist2
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