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  1. Very nice review E.T. Sounds like a great afternoon. I spent some time with Mila last month at Barbs she's everthing you said pretty and very sexy. I haven't been able get to the club when she's working. Keep the reviews coming
  2. Has anyone had any dances with jazy from the playmate? And if so any recomendations
  3. I think your talking about Diamond. I had some great times with her in the CR
  4. I was at Barbs last night and had the best time in the CR with a dancer named Kiki. I was on my way out the door and she I spotted me and asked for a dance. We only had 2 songs I was in a rush but I will repeat. Kiki has a great body but more important personality plus. Additional Comments: There was also a beautiful blond with her hair tied back. I didn't have a chance for a dance she was busy and I had to go. Would anyone know her and when she works?
  5. Has anyone seen Bella lately? Just met Emerald she's very special these ladies are the total package. Honourable mention goes to Brandy
  6. The dancer of the year should get a trophy or something. In recognition of her hard work and entreating us who enjoy spending time at the clubs.
  7. Jenny is hands down #[email protected]'s I saw Emeral today @ Barb's she is the total package looking to see more of her in 2014
  8. Went to barbs last night first time in a long time. I usually in the day time. I had dances from 2 new girls at least to me. First was on ebony girl named Frenchy great body and personality. Second was a Brazilian girl named Julia she was amazing in the CR perfect body and very sexy attitude. I will be seeing her again soon. Has anyone else seen these 2 dancers
  9. I'm the type of guy who likes to snuggle and maybe round 2. In my opinion nothing beats the feel and touches of a woman. I love it all smells sounds and smiles Additional Comments: I'm the type of guy who likes to snuggle and maybe round 2. In my opinion nothing beats the feel and touches of a woman. I love it all smells sounds and smiles
  10. Yes that's Diamond she was great in the CR. Too bad she will be missed
  11. Dose anyone know if Diamond still dance at the club?
  12. Maude is a name I haven't heard in a long time. How often dose and times that she works?
  13. When did you see her? Did she say when she works?
  14. If you ever had a dance with her she is unforgettable very special dancer. Only thing is you can lose a night with her in the SR. Not a bad night hard on the pay check lol but it's only money
  15. If she works here what day and time dose she work? Gentlemen this lady is amazing treat her with respect.
  16. Same thing happened to me one Saturday afternoon last month in that lot. Just goes to show how hungry for money the city is. It was a very bitter pill to swallow
  17. Keep us posted on any Bella or Jenny sightings
  18. Dose anyone know who is working tomorrow afternoon?
  19. I never had Ariel dance for me she is always busy. But I'm looking forward to seeing her in the cr one day
  20. No way I'm working:( say hello for me I'm the guy in catering. I told her she would give me nightmares lol
  21. I saw Bella and Jenny 3 or 4 Saturdays ago, I had some great dances from this ladies. Both are sexy, smart and fantastic sense of humour. Bella and Jenny I would put on the same level as my all time favourite dancer Maude. It your lucky enough to see this ladies treat them well. I hope to see them soon
  22. What about a girl named Bella has anyone seen her lately?
  23. Has anyone seen Bella or Jenny lately? The last 2 Saturday afternoons I missed them. They both say they work Saturday afternoons.
  24. Was at Barbs on Saturday afternoon and the club was full of beautiful ladies. The only one missing was Bridgett. I had some amazing dances from the very sexy Bella and after had a chat and dances with the stunning Jenny. I will be returning to see these Ladies again soon. I wish I could have meet Ariel as well for next time
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