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  1. Any challengers for the 2018 crown? We voting? I think I only had four dances, and I don't remember their names. I'll do better in 2019... Promise.
  2. Hey, it sounds like maybe you guys met at Pigales! For the record, I would never interrupt. Just be patient, charming, handsome, young, and wealthy. Make eye contact and smile. Guaranteed love at first sight.
  3. I like to think they're playing hard-to-get, and they think it's cute when I text them at all hours of the night. Yeah, I'm pretty sure they've fallen in love with me, and next time, they'll say yes.
  4. Dear Abby, There's this dancer at the Den named Megan that everyone's raving about. I'd like to meet her, but when I go, I'm always hypnotized by the sassy, super-sexy, soft-skinned, sensual Isabella. Should I cheat on my lover? I'm sure she's in love with me, and it will break her heart, but I don't know what else to do. Please help.
  5. I'm asking Santa for the same Christmas gift.
  6. First of all, is Ariel back at Barbs? Secondly, Guardian, you may have just described how I'd spend my last night on earth. Great story - like an article in a Hustler mag... like once all the pictures are stuck together, you have this shriveled little book of fiction. Thanks for sharing! Finally, I've been overcharged. I've been undercharged. I've passed out in the champagne room. I've had long, priceless conversations with some amazing women. I think it's a wash in the end, and if it's not, it's only money, and it's only enjoyable when you spend it.
  7. Cool, thanks. I remember fishnet stockings, DDG, and a nice caramel skin tone.
  8. Has she been at Barbs for a while? I remember seeing a Phoenix almost a year ago who matches the description, but I haven't run into her since. Maybe I'm on the wrong schedule... or maybe I'm spending too much time at the Den... or maybe she's always in the CR with the usual suspects - you know who you are!
  9. Who else is there, and is it busy tonight?
  10. Just confirming that Isabella is still hot as ����. There were other girls there tonight, but I paid absolutely no attention to them... except for Hannah... she's pretty hot too :)
  11. Oh my God, what a smoke show. I barely made it through the shower. Nothing like a slippery athletic body gyrating against your own. So intense. So playful, and wow, she's cute too.
  12. Perhaps I'll drop by a little more often :)
  13. I'm more of a Barbs patron, so this is the first time I've seen her. I actually had a pretty good time by den standards.
  14. Spent some time with Isabella Friday night. Scorching hot! Great shape!
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