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  1. How can she be a local when no ones knows her?
  2. I think it would look good on you! I volunteer to do the shave. Let me know where and when.
  3. I have electric razor. Ill even volunteer to do it!!!
  4. Ive cut my kids hair a few times. Using a bowl for contour. Might not be the best but I don't charge much. Are you game? Lol.
  5. What handle did you go by before?
  6. You dont need a duo to have fun with any of those lady. Your choice.
  7. Ive only seen Amy once and it was great. Emily Rushton is great also (seen her quite a few times also). Im pretty sure anyone of these ladies mentionned would take their time with a newbie. Keep in mind respect and following the rules set forth by the sp are key to having great experiences.
  8. Amber Diamond and Sugar Kayne would be great for you. Ive seen these 2 lady quite a few times.
  9. Here's her link. Pics are 100% her. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/northern-ontario/thunder_bay_brunette_vixen_best_in_town_real_life_barbiedoll-5864274
  10. I saw her on wednesday. She's 100% real.
  11. Yes, she's local. No concerns. All legit.
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