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  1. I can confirm that it will open this week. A reliable stripper friend of mine said she would be there on Thursday. The girls have been asked to wear masks. I don't know if dances in the cr will be allowed or if it's going to be table dances on the floor only.
  2. Interesting, Castle. I don't think this would change much in the short term, but could be a good tool to change the perception in the long run. I could see TEDtalks like these, but with strippers specifically: https://www.ted.com/talks/miranda_kane_fighting_stigma_with_storytelling_lessons_from_a_former_sex_worker https://www.ted.com/talks/juno_mac_the_laws_that_sex_workers_really_want/discussion https://www.ted.com/talks/nicole_emma_what_a_sex_worker_can_teach_us_about_human_connection I wonder if the U.of O. would be open to a conference about sex work? They already have some very progressive teachers there like Christine Bruckert. I've already heard some sex-positive (and very smart and articulate) strippers tell me "they could write a book about strip clubs". Well a talk might be another way to spread more positivism about those places. (Now waiting for Greenteal to tell me this is a horrible idea, and it's never gonna work, and It's not gonna change anything, and the industry is doomed, and there's nothing we can do, and there's too many obstacles, etc. 😉😋 )
  3. We've all been there, buddy... We've all been there...
  4. Kennedy, I'm not too hot about the idea of a membership either. But my understanding was that it was a necessity in order to be considered a "private" establishment, and not a "public" one. Is there a lawyer on here that could enlighten us? I think it's one of the reasons why some massage spas work that way. (That and the capacity to screen, and ban bad clients.) By being private, they can have alcohol, naked people, erotic entertainment and private locking rooms, all in one place. The only other kind of establishment I can think of that also has all those things are the swingers clubs, and those are also private clubs where you have to register to become a member.
  5. I have no clue why you would think that was the point. It's pretty much the opposite. The whole point of the thread is to make suggestions and voice ideas to bring more Millenials to strip clubs (it's in the title!). The whole point is NOT to see them as a dying business (which seems like the text-book example of a fatalist view), and instead focus on the positive ways they could be re-imagined and improved. The point is to think about how we can pull up, not about how we're doomed. Also, the private club road is one option among others that have been presented here. And Spas have their place on the landscape of adult establishments, but they're different than strip clubs. I might elaborate later on how they differ.
  6. I never said the bar would be the only source of income. One way or the other, the ladies would still have to pay to use the premises and that would be the main source of income. BTW, both business models aren't that different. In strip clubs the strippers also have to pay a DJ fee, or bar fee to use the premises. In a private, hybrid club like I was suggesting, this main source of income could take the form of a room fee every time they're being used (like spas do) and maybe also as a form of DJ fee to use the main room as a place to find and meet their clients for the day (like strip clubs do). This fee could even be reduced by 1/2 for the girls, every time they strip on stage (to a minimum of zero). If they do 2 shows on stage during their shift, they don't pay the DJ fee at all. But if they chose not to do stages, it's probably because they were busy in the private rooms and the club will still collect the room fees. And the registration fee would not have to be large. The whole concept of registering would still be used mostly as a screening process, and also to legally justify the title of a "private" club. If anyone can get in, it's not private. If it's only for registered people on a list, then it is. Also Greenteal, so far, your posts haven't been very constructive. If you don't like the ideas proposed here, do you have any alternative suggestion to propose? I suggest trying to be positive and not fatalist.
  7. OK. So far, we've come up with 2 approaches to attract the young folks: 1- The clubs try to be more inclusive with the female clients and they try to brake the idea that strip clubs are misogynistic and exploitative. More special shows, contests, burlesque, features, etc. 2- They try to go the other way, by offering another way for male clients to enjoy their favourite strippers. Instead of going to champagne rooms with them, they could also choose to visit another establishment nearby. This would probably be a nice model for older folks like us, but I'm not sure it would bring in the Millenials. Let me propose a third possible avenue, inspired by Kennedy's post: 3- The clubs could become completely private clubs with membership. They would not be open to the general public and you would need to validate that you're a member, and be buzzed in. There would be an initial registration fee (which could be a symbolic 5-10$). This would be a similar approach to certain adult massage clubs in the area. The obvious inconvenient would be that you would have to give up some potentially personal information at signup, which raises privacy issues. You could also bump into people you know (patrons or strippers), and this might be more awkward than in a regular strip club because of the implication that would come with being there. In a strip club, you can always feign just being there for a drink and watching the stage. Here, I might be a little more difficult... But on the other hand, you wouldn't be limited by the same rules that govern strip clubs. You could have a main room with a bar, tables and chairs, a stage with stripping poles, a pool table, some video poker machines, washrooms, etc. The main difference is that the champagne rooms would be replaced by larger rooms with locking doors, a sound system for music, showers, sinks, love-seats for lapdances, massage tables or beds, etc. Please note that, in order to respect the law, each lady working there should not be asked by management to provide anything more than a strip tease and a massage in those rooms. Maybe a way to counter the privacy issue could be to offer some types of registrations with shorter validity. You could register for a trial package of 2 weeks, or for 6 months, 1 year, of for life (definitely my option). At the end of your registration period, all your personal data is deleted and, if you want to register again, you have to go over the whole process again. If you're paranoid, take the shortest membership. Apparently, judging by what most hostesses have said on their Curious Cat accounts, men of all ages visit the massage clubs, including the Millenials, so this might work also as a way to bring them in.
  8. If we want to go that way (the Sweet300 way), it would be a completely different approach. With the current laws, brothels are impossible to operate legally. But the Sweet300 approach might also work with other clubs than Playmate. Most clubs in Ottawa/Gatineau either have a second floor or a section that could be separated from the main floor, or are in a multi unit building. The second floor or an adjacent unit could be converted into another independent commerce, offering rooms with erotic movies, peepshows or just a bed "to sleep in". Those rooms could be rented by 1 or 2 persons, not necessarily coming from the club beside. (Like for instance a stripper working at the club nearby and a client she met there.) The new commerce should have its own door to the outside, and not be directly linked to the strip club, to avoid any impression that they are the same commerce. If you can realistically defend that your rooms can be rented for purposes other than prostitution (ex.: watching a movie, taking a nap, etc.), it might be a legally viable option. Like hotels and motels. They rent rooms but have no power over what's going on in them. For security, the clubs should still have champagne rooms to avoid forcing strippers to go in a closed and locked room alone with a stranger. I still prefer my approach of trying to bring in women and breaking the bad image the clubs have, but this could be another option.
  9. Since I started the thread, I'll submit my own suggestions: I think anything that can break the image of a place that only serves to exploit vulnerable young girls for the benefit of misogynistic, perverted men can potentially help. - I would therefore suggest to bring in more ladies as customers, for instance by always allowing them with no cover charge. - I would also try to present a different kind of entertainment, one that is still sexy, but more obviously empowering for women. I'm thinking about burlesque. I could easily see a club having a monthly burlesque night (where the club would still be operating as usual with strippers bringing customers to the CR, but the usual stripper stages would be replaced by a burlesque show. I've noticed that women are much more willing to attend a burlesque event that to go to a strip club. This would help breaking the image of sexism. Btw, in many burlesque shows, male performers are also naked or almost naked, another argument to bring ladies, and to show equality between the sexes. But for those who are insecure about being perceived as gay because they go to a place where men get naked, I can reassure you: in most burlesque show, the vast majority of performers are female (like around 80-90%, sometimes 100%). - Actually, just having a feature dancer from time to time, or organizing a special event (a stripping contest, an amateur night, a porn star show, etc.) helps a lot. The last 2 events I've been to (1 at NuDen and 1 at Club 77) were huge success and, on both occasion, the clubs were full. Basically, you want to be more aggressive in convincing people that going out to a strip club is special and not depressing.
  10. Hi all. As the title says, this is a place to post any ideas you might have that could potentially bring in more Millenials to strip clubs. As many have already observed, the industry seems to have a hard time adapting to changing times. They have less and less customers every year, and I think one of the main reasons is that younger men don't visit them. Maybe they're too used to easy access to Internet pornography, or maybe they have a hard time socializing with women. Or maybe it's now considered less politically correct to hang out in those establishments (but again, has it ever been politically correct?). Even if, as young people with less job security, lower pay, no investments yet, etc., they're not necessarily the richest clients right now, the future of the industry depends on bringing them in. The older gentlemen won't be around forever... Who knows, if any club owner is reading this, maybe some suggestions could help them in the long term.
  11. Hey, you know what, Greenteal? This would be a great idea for a thread: ideas to bring in more millenials to strip clubs. I'll create one now!
  12. I really hope they all had a sufficient safety cushion stashed in case of emergency. Because those who didn't... well, I fear they might not be able to reopen after this is over.
  13. Yesterday (Wednesday) mid to late afternoon: Alex, Angela, Ariel, Cali, Cleo (ex Asia), Kelly, Krystal, Leticia, Mia, Ritchie, Selena, Shayla and about 5-6 others.
  14. Shayla was at Pigale yesterday. I'm pretty sure it's the same I've seen at Playmate previously. So she's still around and probably just alternates clubs.
  15. I haven't gone to Barefax in the evening in many months specifically because of that 5$ fee. The last time I was at Pigale, I saw at least 3 girls who were previously from there. A more narcissistic man might say they were following me, but I have a feeling they're just being affected by all this money making attitude.
  16. To complete Kennedy's list for yesterday (Thursday): I also saw Jhene (slim young brunette), Kalina (gorgeous asian), Lexie (tattooed and young), Mia (from Playmate, first time I see her at Pigale) and Vanessa (kinky ebony). Later in the afternoon, around dinner time, some more came in, among which Calli (beautiful amazon), Harmony (now with new braids), Fannie (young, tall brunette, my favourite of the day), and her friend Sunny (or Sunshine when she's on stage).
  17. Kilt Boy, thank you for those recent reports about Carmella, Destiny and Cindy. On what day and time should one aim to visit the club if one would hypothetically be interested in meeting those fine ladies? (Ok... ok... that "one" is me. I wanna meet them.)
  18. I think you might be talking about Stephanie. French girl, very slim and shy.
  19. Playmate is actually at the intersection of Montreal Road and Emond St. (not Hannah). There are also Pigale and Club 77 in Gatineau, as well as Cabaret Casino way south of the Ottawa.
  20. You can see that room on the lower floor if you take a right turn at the ATM, and then go straight, right to the end of that corridor, just after the Purel dispenser. There's a transparent glass door, and the vip room is on the other side, with wider couches than the other CR. I've seen it, but never used it. It's a little bigger but the glass door actually makes it more open than many of the CR, and I don't really see why you would want to go there, especially if it's more expensive. I guess if you want to bring more than one girl with you? Or go with friends?
  21. This afternoon, monday: Alex, Cassidy, Olivia, Selena, Tasha, Tiffany, Velinda, and another one I didn't see long enough to recognize (Gia maybe?)
  22. Yesterday (Thursday) PM: Ariel, Cookie, Crystal, Gia, Jhene (finally figured out how she writes it! It's pronounced like Renee with a "J" sound), Kylie, Lexy, Olivia, Selena, Sky, Sol, Stephanie, Tasha, Teissy, Velinda and about 3 more. The club was surprisingly busy.
  23. Cookie was still there during daytime last month. As fun and passionate as ever on stage and in the CR.
  24. I have! Even though she just started stripping last week, some of you may already know her. She's a young French/Italian who was a brunette before. She's already as good as any of the daytime regulars. A pretty girl, easygoing and with a nice personality. Today (Monday, late afternoon): Ashley (daytime), Cece, Domino, Helena, Kitty, Mackenzie (for a rare daytime shift), Mandy, Martia, and Portia (back for the summer after 2-3 years away).
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