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  1. Appreciate the response Hondius but I am wondering if there are any covid protocols that hotels might be following. More specifically, only hotel guests allowed in.
  2. Given the environment we are living in right now, I'm curious....is it ok for the general public to wander in and out of hotels at will.
  3. And the building right next door is for sale for 3 million It is a smaller building but it is certainly not half.
  4. I do agree with you. A customer moving would be extraordinary. I was thinking about a customer that typically would spend the lunch hour at a club in Ottawa would now make the clubs in Gatineau (Pigale, 77) their regular haunt.
  5. I think transferable is referring to the address and not a new owner.
  6. https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/building-that-houses-barefax-the-27-club-is-up-for-sale-for-6-million/wcm/c2d2b619-f9e0-4288-a803-3c10303e57b3/ Even the citizen has something to say about the building. Let' remain optimistic and hope someone will purchase the building and then either open the club or rent the space to someone who will keep it going. Dreaming in know but at least it gives me something to pray for on Sunday.
  7. I was only responding to what has been posted on this string. I don't live nearby and haven't swung by to try the door. You pose a good question though. Is there anyone out there brave enough to drop in and give us a trip report?
  8. Joe and his brother Frank opened the Barefax in the early 80's where the the Dominion tavern is today. In 92 they moved the business to where it is today. They owned this new building. There used to be two strip clubs. Female strippers on the second floor and male strippers on the third floor. Two separate clubs. Around 2002 they closed the male club and then modified the building to make the stair way to heaven that you see in the club today. Joe passed away in 2005 and after negotiations with Frank, his children took over the business. Earl, Phil (and Carmelina) are Joe's children. At one time the Bentivoglio's owned most of the stripclubs in Ottawa. They were also smart enough to diversify and bought properties around Ottawa. If this club is closed, this is a loss for us. For Earl, Phil and Carm, they will be fine regardless of what happens to the building and business.
  9. The playmate has a history of this. I remember raw sewage pouring down from the restaurant upstairs. I haven't been there for a couple of years. Did not like the gangsta vibe. We go to these clubs to have fun and feel safe.
  10. 1937 mormon meteor. Only one ever made
  11. Remember when the city told the strip clubs they had to open the champagne rooms. That they had to be visible from anywhere in the club and the walls could be no more than 120cm in height. At that time the city turned over the monitoring of strip clubs to the city health department. I don't have any inside knowledge of this but I would wager that the health department has given the club owners an extensive list of requirements for them to be open. Again, the city trying to regulate the clubs out of business. As time goes on both customers and dancers will move to where they can do or get the most for there efforts. And if that is another province, then the city will be happy.
  12. I've been wondering how everyone is doing these days. Myself, I was always one who found himself wandering to the different stripclubs to meet the ladies and get a few dances. Nowadays I sit at home out of fear because of the current environment. I haven't been inside any club since March and I hate to say it but I am starting not to miss it. I just said that but I also know that when the day arrives I will be back there for sure. So I am curious to know if there are others who feel the same way. Are you staying in, are you choosing other forms of entertainment, are you back in the clubs?
  13. I feel that these are dark days for the business. Given what 1963Kennedy described, I am worried about clusters. I reference the spa in Kingston that was the source of an outbreak last week. This virus is very resilient and can linger for hours in the air and days on some surfaces. I want all the clubs to survive. I have enjoyed these venues for over 30 years and I hope we can get back to some sort of normalcy. But I am not going to fool myself into thinking that normalcy will happen anytime soon. I don't know anyone on this board personally but I enjoy the posts and contributions from everyone so I hope you will stay safe and protect yourselves when venturing. Please remember, wearing a mask does not protect you, it is protecting everyone around you.
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