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  1. I was in Pigale today and saw Delicious from Playmate (she now goes by Megan) and Velinda (from pre-pandemic Pigale). Three other girls that I did not recognize.
  2. It is just my gut feeling but if you were to get an honest answer from the dancers it would be that they have not been vaccinated because they just haven't had the time (as they would say). a lot of these girls are as some people say living off the grid. What that means is they do not have health cards and over the years I have met some of them who drive cars and don't have a license.
  3. Sorry to hear about this KB. You know we have all been through it but it still doesn't soften the blow.
  4. With the clubs slowly getting back to business, I want to see if anyone is interested in helping all of us out. It would be helpful to all if when you visit a club and you see a dancer from the pre-pandemic era, that you post it here. I don't think we need details of your encounter, it just would be informative to know who you saw and where you saw them pre and where you saw them now and day or night shift. This thread may die on the vine but it may be helpful to all of us. I saw Stephanie last week at Pigale day shift. She worked at Pigale before the lockdown.
  5. So I have read the recent posts and from what I gather, no-one has actually been inside the club lately. It's all hearsay. I again refer you to the Quebec level 2-early warning that Gatineau is currently under and at this level the following applies. Specifically; customers must remain seated at their tables; dancing and singing are prohibited; Given that the dancers need to dance because this is the type of entertainment and this is not allowed and customers must remain seated at their tables and therefore cannot got down to the champagne rooms. How can the club operate? I do not condemn anyone who might venture out to the club but I am not yet comfortable with this environment. Otherwise I would go and give a first hand account of the goings on.
  6. If they are following the rules, I don't see how they can be open. Measures in force | Gouvernement du Québec (quebec.ca) Bars, breweries, taverns, casinos Open with restrictions. The operators of these establishments must comply with certain conditions: 50% of the maximum capacity stipulated on the liquor licence; the occupants from maximum two private residences per table; a distance of two metres between the tables; customers must remain seated at their tables; dancing and singing are prohibited; the operators must record customer contact information; the establishments must close at 2 a.m. (alcohol sales must stop at midnight).
  7. Appreciate the response Hondius but I am wondering if there are any covid protocols that hotels might be following. More specifically, only hotel guests allowed in.
  8. Given the environment we are living in right now, I'm curious....is it ok for the general public to wander in and out of hotels at will.
  9. And the building right next door is for sale for 3 million It is a smaller building but it is certainly not half.
  10. I do agree with you. A customer moving would be extraordinary. I was thinking about a customer that typically would spend the lunch hour at a club in Ottawa would now make the clubs in Gatineau (Pigale, 77) their regular haunt.
  11. I think transferable is referring to the address and not a new owner.
  12. https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/building-that-houses-barefax-the-27-club-is-up-for-sale-for-6-million/wcm/c2d2b619-f9e0-4288-a803-3c10303e57b3/ Even the citizen has something to say about the building. Let' remain optimistic and hope someone will purchase the building and then either open the club or rent the space to someone who will keep it going. Dreaming in know but at least it gives me something to pray for on Sunday.
  13. I was only responding to what has been posted on this string. I don't live nearby and haven't swung by to try the door. You pose a good question though. Is there anyone out there brave enough to drop in and give us a trip report?
  14. Joe and his brother Frank opened the Barefax in the early 80's where the the Dominion tavern is today. In 92 they moved the business to where it is today. They owned this new building. There used to be two strip clubs. Female strippers on the second floor and male strippers on the third floor. Two separate clubs. Around 2002 they closed the male club and then modified the building to make the stair way to heaven that you see in the club today. Joe passed away in 2005 and after negotiations with Frank, his children took over the business. Earl, Phil (and Carmelina) are Joe's children. At one time the Bentivoglio's owned most of the stripclubs in Ottawa. They were also smart enough to diversify and bought properties around Ottawa. If this club is closed, this is a loss for us. For Earl, Phil and Carm, they will be fine regardless of what happens to the building and business.
  15. The playmate has a history of this. I remember raw sewage pouring down from the restaurant upstairs. I haven't been there for a couple of years. Did not like the gangsta vibe. We go to these clubs to have fun and feel safe.
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