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  1. Had contacted her once before and was really turned off by her attitude, might have been an off day but wouldn't book unless I saw some good reviews from trusted members now.
  2. Always enjoyed my sessions with Joy. Haven't been there in awhile though. They've continued to up their prices.
  3. Welcome, always room for anothet quality independent masseuse.
  4. Rooms are fine, location is fine as well a little more convenient for me then the other one. Overall if you were ok with layout of last place you'd likely be ok with this one too. Very similar.
  5. Saw Dixie for the 1st time at the new location very good massage start to finish, would recommend and repeat.
  6. Heading to Vegas, wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a good time well there. Have always found it to be s mine field when trying to find a good time so many scam operations. Any insight would be appreciated.
  7. I've been twice and I must say, 1st time was great, she provides a very good massage is very cute with a nice body. 2nd time I went though se answered the phone a number of times, booked an appointment during my session for immediately after my massage with no time in between. If you like meeting other hobbyists you might like that, I'm not so big on it. I'd rather talk to you here.
  8. Thanks for the respose, if you weren't sensitive and just wanted one that didn't get gummy what would you pick?
  9. Thank you. Doesn't have to be condom friendly in this case if that makes a difference.
  10. Would love to know a brand if someone has a favorite.
  11. I need some help finding a really good lube. Have never found one that I've been really happy with. I figured I might be able to find a good recommendation here. Thanks in advance.
  12. Montreal is simply the best, beautiful women at very affordable rates. The best place I can think of for a guys weekend.
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