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  1. didn't she have a ad for asian massage for a long time?
  2. look under kijji bridgwater massage
  3. Made me spit out my morning coffee good one.
  4. many many years ago i had a little trouble with my plumbing. i was working in ontario and went to a local dr to get checked out. he wanted to take a swab with this qtip but it wouldn't go up. he had me roll on my side and gave me the p massage and in a matter of seconds there was a feeling that i cannot describe other than wow. some pre cum and it was all lubricated and q tip slide up. ever since then i have tried the odd provider to replicate but so far none have. i guess you really have to know what you are looking for. ps i never tried cap c for cougar
  5. sorry but i keep having this pipe dream that a new rona will come along
  6. rona used to be good for this oh how i miss her 😉
  7. there is a lady that is on kijji sugaring by angel something like that. reasonably priced will come to you if you wish. no funny business
  8. fyi sunny is helping out at south pembina. can avoid the problems at st marys.
  9. there is a review of her on the other erb.
  10. Lmao. I really do not know what to say. But if you are ever in Grover beach stop in and have a pint.
  11. having seen both i would have to give looks to betty, massage skills to tracey and both have good finish but tracey's is more unique. just my two cents
  12. well its not like its a secret. same people that look on list crawler look here and other erb . i notice they don't list the services on kijji
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