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  1. any info on Teaka Gold she looks good and has an interesting Halloween special Additional Comments: I will answer my own question, Emily, Luscious Lynn, Juicy Jessi and Sabrina are all awesome and great deals without a Halloween Special
  2. Has anyone been to creative nail for massage. The ad on kijiji for relaxation and reflexology has an interesting picture.
  3. Thanks I think I still haven't got into the site yet, waiting for the administrators acceptance. I get the point though and will start posting more.
  4. So is there a list yet. I know of Shannon, Southpoint, Ness, and Warsaw. With Ness and Warsaw being very good massages and great value. Shannon is closer to a SP experience
  5. I think Warsaw refers to an ad generally in the free press under massage
  6. great idea I tried a similar post earlier but only got one PM
  7. Is he just naturally high or on something
  8. I have been to Ness and South Pointe and have seen Shannon are there any other good places to go besides Zen Palace
  9. Please PM me also, prigionally her pics didn't pass tineye
  10. Has anyone seen Sexy Sarah she looks to good to be true
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