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  1. I did drive by and stopped in to check things out. The OP is correct. It is a nice new location 1 door down from earlier. There was only 1 lady working Jenny, cute Asian mid 30s, i guess She advised that receipts are available, so I couldn't get a sense of extras. Can anyone add to this? Vanc
  2. There is a greater connection to the coronavirus outbreak and local amps than meets the eye. I tried visiting Sargent Ave., (twice). They had no attendants. They said they’d bring one over from Broadway, if I waited. Phoenix is not operating. He says it’s because his attendants can back to Canada due to the virus. Notre Dame - well that’s just stupidity. Advertising for reception and office staff and then telling the applicant they have to do full body massage is ridiculous. The owner is a nice guy, but should know better. He is fluent in English. Last two times I drive by they were closed. I can’t see them reopening under current management. Can anyone else comment on the state of AMPS in the city?
  3. I just got back from seeing Favour on Notre Dame and I thought I’d advice people before they went. She behaved like she really didn’t want to be there. Nevermind any sort of teasing or touching, she spent most of our sessions staring up into space. She’s attractive but not-personality-wise. I’d be surprised if we had 100 words pass between us. That includes me asking questions and her giving me one-word answers. Has anyone else had a better or different experience?
  4. I try to avoid seeing a massage attendant right after she has an earlier client. My thinking is that they will be tired or less enthusiastic immediately after an earlier session. It doesn’t always work, but there are ways of finding out if the attendant has been active or busy just before my appointment time. What do others think?
  5. Thanks for the link. I wasn’t able to find it earlier. The “club” you’re linking to is national, more informational about “Sugar Dating” and open to all. I’m looking at something that would be local/regional specifics us and a closed group. There are details and reviews of my encounters, for example, that I (and likely others) wouldn’t feel comfortable posting publically. My main reason for posting was to see how many here subscribe to websites like “Secret Benefits” or “Seeking Arrangements”. I believe this method of making contacts is growing and will become more and more popular. Most of us spending many hours checking out websites like LL or this one. The costs for “sugar-dating don’t have to be that much different from normal hobbying. Word of mouth among women seems to be the way these sites are gaining female followers (free for ladies). And as I’ve pointed out in my first message, there are many local escorts using these sites to help verify and meet clients. (make arrangements as it’s referred to).
  6. I have long wondered where one could go to post reviews and Sugar Daddy findings about potential and real Sugar Babies on one of several available sites. Does anyone have a suggestion? I leaning toward asking an administrator to allow for the creation of a special forum for Winnipeg SB/SD reviews, alerts, etc. The reason I’m writing now is because a very high percentage of the ladies who are active on these sites are in fact escorts - some we are all familiar with and others who don’t advertise on the conventional platforms. I’m active in this world and I’ve had experiences that might help others. Is there some place better than right here for us to get together and share ideas, respectfully and confidentially. I’m interested in others’ experiences. Vanc
  7. I’ve tried all the ladies listed above, more than once, in fact. I think there are only three working there currently. The massage is decent from any of them and they will follow instructions. They will work on the muscle or area that is tight or requires attention, except for the most important once. Do not expect to leave happy. VL
  8. I haven’t seen mention of the advertising website: YES.BACKPAGE.DE So I thought I’d bring it to members’ attention. They have sections for each region. Some cities are quite active while other haven’t discovered it yet. I don’t much about it yet other than there are the usual typical scammers. Otherwise, this could become a resource for us going forward. Vanc
  9. If the winnipegmassageplaces website wasn’t setup as a covert attempt by one party to discredit another, then I have a bridge I’d like to sell all Winnipeg mongers. Among the Chinese these types of business practices are common. I’ve had pretty extensive dealings overseas and when things weren’t going my way, I took a page out of the dirty tricks and “payback” playbook and gave it right back to them. I wasn’t proud of my behaviour, but I felt it was necessary. Their replies were priceless. Invariably I was told that I was a very good businessman and the injured party (or parties) would come back to me with flowery compliments and wanting to do more business with me. To my thinking, we should be bringing the website “to light”in the open forum as a warning to the community.
  10. Wow, no posts in almost 6 months. Has anyone been here lately? Can You comment on the attendants and services available? Thanks, VL
  11. Not that it should matter that much, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Betty is actually in her late 40's (49-50). If she's making herself up and looking younger, there's nothing wrong with that. As well, experience goes a long way in this business. What concerns me is that she has left Health Tree. Hopefully, she's not on a pathway or rotating to multiple locations as so many others.
  12. Was her hand already "sheathed in latex" when she went your wallet? If she provided services with uncovered hand, then that's a stepup from earlier reports!
  13. Try usasexguide.info You can read but need to join (fee) to post or PM
  14. I've seen Amber a number of times. My sessions have run from very good to poor. I attribute the poorer ones to either a busy day or just one of thos days. It's really not helpful when the business tries to shill their own staff. I will repeat with Amber.
  15. The honorarium fees have gone up. My information is that both the room fees and attendant's fees/tips have increased. It's just my opinion, but I suspect that management is trying to make their place of business more attractive for attendants to work there, thereby increasing the selection. Rightly or wrongly, the thinking could be ..increase the supply and demand will follow.. What do others think? Will this motivate you to visit more frequently?
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