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    Im 55, I like to ski when I get the chance.

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  1. skiguy


    My god that's impressive. Looks like a volcano erupting!
  2. skiguy

    Wow If I had a lot of Money Brynn would also have a lot. Great pics, well done.
  3. I would love to massage you
  4. skiguy

    You know if I were an artist that would be the perfect pose for a sketch or painting. Lovely!
  5. Looks like you would need a good wide trail for these. At least until you get use to it. Would be fun! Additional Comments: Maybe I will purchase some new spli on shoes for the summer.
  6. Obviously this girl is not afraid of heights!
  7. skiguy

    wow I should look you up when I am in Ottawa. Stunning!
  8. skiguy

    Summer Nov 2015

  9. Grilled Chicken sandwich at Wendy's, ya not the healthiest thing to eat.
  10. skiguy

    A (1)

    I can help hold!
  11. Having an age range is important. I do this as much for me as for the lady I am looking for. Sometimes you cant guess her real age by the picture. And being more mature I would feel a little uncomfortable seeing someone too much younger. Some don't seem to mind feeling that they are compensating their companion so it does not matter. But for me it does. I mean I don't think it would be enjoyable for a lady if there were a huge age difference.
  12. Comming to Mississauga next week. Can anyone recommend a mature service provider?
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