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  1. Don't ever let anyone judge you for what you like... you know as long as you're not hurting anyone ;). I love the cuddles, that shit's awesome. If someone mocked me for it I'd tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine.
  2. I feel pretty bad for the emails that the ladies are going to have to go through now. Where before they could list activities and whatnot on their sites or in their ads, now those conversations can only happen in private and so there can't be any more "Please review my website, ad, etc before asking me the same questions everyone asks". Ladies, I'd suggest putting together your answer templates together now, lol ;).
  3. I only use cerb and merb so I can't comment on the others. Seeing as how out east we're limited in options cerb is the only real place where we can learn about new visits from touring ladies. I just learned about merb because I travel to Montreal frequently these days. I see that merb opened up an Atlantic Canada section in the last year, but it doesn't see much use. I honestly see cerb as more of a community board where clients and providers can congregate and discuss the issues of the business. I, unfortunately, personally do not trust cerb recommendations anymore, I've been burned too many times. Vagueness and limited information are the enemy of an informed client and that's all they seem to be. And only seeing one side of the coin (good vs. bad reviews) can be incredibly misleading. I'm also at the point in my hobbying career were sexual exploration is one of my primary objectives and this means I need to know what the lady is comfortable with. Asking her isn't enough, because you often just get a "maybe" or "if I'm up to it" so a detailed review can be a godsend to help me know what I can expect (easy example: almost every lady says she does DFK, but very few really do, and yes, I brush and mouth wash before every encounter ;)). I also find that some people embellish in their recommendations, for what reason I have no idea, but I can venture a guess. I also, don't feel comfortable expressing my opinion on certain topics here if it goes against the grain. I welcome spirited debate, but some you are just mean :sadomaso:. Now, don't take all of this as an attack on cerb. To be fair, merb has it's own problems. Some reviews can be just brutal, the issue with allowing negative comments is that some people don't know where to draw the line. There's a way to criticize properly and most people should have learned it in high school writing classes. But as always, anonymity + an audience can turn some people in raving keyboard warrior lunatics. There's also blatant and rampant favoritism among some of the senior members with regards to certain agencies. Which on it's face I have no issue with it, everyone has their go to agency, but when someone so obviously does and claims he doesn't when debating a related issue, it's laughable. And finally, the flame wars, debate can turn to horror in the blink of an eye. There are known rivalries and hatreds among certain members and it's painful to read through the mud they sling. Ultimately though, for me, it comes down to what am I looking for in an escort forum? For information about a lady I'm thinking of seeing, my preference is merb. To find out what's happening in the hobby world, cerb. As far as reviews vs. recommendations, I think it's best summed up by this, out of 40 or so meetings my current top 3 encounters are from ladies I researched on merb. My absolute two worst encounters (and these were laughably bad, if I had a few more I could write an erotic comedy novel) were unfortunately through cerb.
  4. Hey Mackinaw, thanks for the feedback and thanks for taking one for the team! I'd highly recommend you post a reco about your experience with her in order to help give her some legitimacy for all the guys who aren't sure.
  5. Nice find Nik420... If you browse a few more of those pics you'll see that another semi-famous BP poster is also using some of this photogs work.
  6. So yummy that a google image search shows that they are actually for a girl called Destiny all the way over in BC. Is this actually Destiny from Carman Fox and Friends in Vancouver? Maybe, but seems somewhat suspicious to me that she'd use the same pics, but change her name. If someone does go to confirm it would be nice to know if it actually is her.
  7. This is a known method of scamming people out of their money. Good call for staying away.
  8. Man where were you a couple weeks ago??? ;) I've had this debate once already on the board and while I certainly share your opinion, it is apparently not the majority opinion. :( Additional Comments: A very poignant point mademoiselle. To be clear to jimmytatro, treating the lady like a lady is important, but unfortunately it doesn't guarantee that she won't treat you like a dollar sign regardless. To elaborate on VJ's lovely quote, I'd say that if you treat her with disrespect, why should she respect you? There's a certain risk on both sides of this equation. A lot of ladies are looking to provide a good service in an environment that's comfortable for everyone. Some are not and just want your money regardless, it's unfortunate, but its true. Reviews and recommendations help determine which is which, but every time you walk through that door (or vice/versa) you won't know how this session will go. When it doesn't go well it feels terrible, like you've been had. But when it does... oh boy, is it ever great. I see your very reticent to take the plunge and I can understand that, just remember, at one point you're going to have to jump in, I doubt you'll ever get to the point where you're completely comfortable with it until you've done it. Best of luck!
  9. I lol'ed. Thanks for that, it may be a bit of schadenfreude, but I'm glad to see we're not the only city with these problems. I'll address the gents first. Guys, this isn't a random plea, I've only met VJ once, but she didn't seem like the type to lament for no reason. If she's posting here she's serious. If you want to keep having great touring ladies visit your cities, you need to start showing up and keeping your appointments. If you don't think she's serious please note that VJ (and many others) no longer tour Moncton because the problem was more prevalent there. To the ladies who are attempting to damage her reputation. Realize that you're also hurting yourselves. You're assuming that if you get people to believe your lies you will keep your entire local market to yourselves. This may be true in a sense, but not in the way you think. If the touring ladies stop coming, a good portion of your customer base will simply disappear. I'll take myself as an example. As fewer and fewer ladies came to Moncton, I more or less stopped hobbying (with a few notable exceptions). The money I spent per year on hobbying went towards other things because I lost interest in the hobby itself. Variety is the spice of life and a large variety of SPs means a more active and vibrant user base. Short term damaging an SPs reputation may seem like a good idea, but ultimately you're hurting everyone, including yourself. To VJ, in the end this is a business for you and so you need to make the best business decisions and the decisions which you personally feel most comfortable with. If that means you no longer come to the Maritimes, then I'm sure a number of gents would be disappointed. Unfortunately there's no way to stop bitter/jealous people from being bitter and jealous, so I don't know what the best decision for you is. Since you already don't come to Moncton anymore all I can do is wish you well and hope that I eventually can make one of your legendary Libero Paradiso soirées. Bon succès ma belle!
  10. My previous statement was based on old search results. Removed until I have something conclusive.
  11. I completely understand and respect the reasoning behind ladies not wanting to reveals their face. I know that some ladies don't mind privately sharing such a picture and so I will sometimes politely ask them directly, but won't push it if they refuse. As for if its a deal breaker... Obviously not, FO's point is valid, there aren't enough SPs out there that show their faces for that to really be a viable option, especially where I am. However I do find that adding the face pics to be immensely helpful to my decision making process. If I'm being completely honest, face pics have helped sway me in both directions when I was stuck making a decision. Sometimes I would have otherwise arranged a meeting, but decided against it due to the face pics not being to my liking and other times when a girl whom I wouldn't have seen normally adds face pics I become enchanted and book something. In general, from a purely customer perspective, I think face pics are a good thing as it allows me to make a more informed decision. Even when I decide against seeing someone in the end it will have saved me some money and her a potentially awkward session she could have spent with someone who does appreciate her look. Thinking on it, it does make one look rather shallow, but ultimately, I'm the one spending my hard earned money and so I think I'm entitled to my decision making process ;). Brad, as soon as a lady offers to pay me for my time I'll start considering adding pics :P.
  12. I was fortunate enough to see MsManda during her Late May-Early June tour of New-Brunswick. My experience is as follows: In setting up the appointment I found that she was very good at communicating, responding promptly within a reasonable amount of time. She was also very good about the HUGE number of questions and requests I had, and a special note to how accommodating she was to my requests. She even kept me up to date on a clothing request that I made that she wasn't sure that she could exactly fulfill. Another important note is that she makes it very clear that she will not judge you regardless of your requests. Her ultimate goal is to make sure that you're satisfied and she will do everything within her comfort zone (which is pretty big honestly) to make sure that you leave satisfied. And for her I honestly believe that it goes beyond making sure you have a SOG, she clearly understands that there's more to an encounter than just the orgasm. Sometimes you'll see someone advertise "open-minded" or something similar and you're disappointed when you finally meet, but with MsManda, there is no such disappointment. So after a number of emails back and forth we set something up for her trip and so all that was left to do was wait. Now, her pre-meeting process is a little different than what I'm used to, relying more on emails than phone, but none the less, its pretty much what your average hobbyist should be used to by now. I get up to the room and knock on the door. There was practically no awkward wait, she was quick to answer the door, which was greatly appreciated. As the door opened and I walked in I was very pleased with what I saw. Of course I knew what her body looked like before hand, but her face is very pretty, I just love the fullness of her lips and her long soft silky hair. She was wearing what we had discussed (not exactly what I wanted, but I knew that going in), once we had our fun with that and she was undressed the thing that struck me the most was how soft her skin was. As a general rule most of the girls I'll see have soft skin, but this was a level beyond that. Truly a joy to hold her and caress her. I went with the PSE option and I can assure you, it was intense. I'm in decent enough shape and was dripping sweat by the end. When MsManda describes her sessions as a difference in attitude, I can definitely believe it. I don't have a frame of reference for her other session types, but she was wild and uninhibited and more than happy to show off some of her own moves ;). The energy that she exudes in a PSE session is powerful, she was so convincing that I'm not sure that she wanted to let me leave at the end :). If I had one complaint it would be rather weak, but it would be this: there was no DFK. However, this was mitigated by the following two factors. She was very upfront with me that she did not usually DFK, she told me so in emails well before our encounter. And the LFK was so frequent and passionate that after a few minutes I almost forgot about DFK. So in the end, proper communication really helped turn what could have been a negative into a point of no concern. Ultimately I would definitely recommend that anyone interested in meeting MsManda do so without reservation. But do yourself, and her, a favor and be totally honest and upfront about what you're looking for in a session. It will help her please you and you'll enjoy the time so much more. Edit: Adding in CERB user page and webpage. http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/member.php?u=75468 http://msmanda.com/
  13. Sophia, I'm actually the one who is surprised at your response. In no place in my response to Amelia did I "belittle" her. I merely indicated that I, as a hobbyist, have more experience as a hobbyist than she would given that she, as a rule, is on the other side of the hobbyist/service provider transaction. I'm not ready to say that she's never been a client, I don't know her life, but I think its safe to say that I've been a client more than she has. Do you disagree with this statement? If not, then shouldn't my opinion regarding the hobbyist's perspective not be taken into account for this discussion? Shouldn't my opinion as a hobbyist be given more weight in a discussion on hobbyist's concerns than yours or Amelia's? For the exact same reason that I or any other hobbyist would get torn apart on this board for presuming to speak as if they knew better on the concerns of service providers, I believe the hobbyist's opinion on hobbyist matters should in fact hold more significance. Nor did I say there was no one good in Moncton, only that our options were limited due to the behavior of those who are irresponsible. Honestly Sophia, your post reeks of false indignation. I've seen this debate tactic before, your hope is to shame me into either apologizing or retracting from the debate altogether. Well, I've been nothing but civil and respectful throughout and was trying to have an earnest discussion and share my experiences as a hobbyist. If you're going to participate please try adding to the discussion instead of accusing me of attacking others. Finally, you contradicted yourself in your last paragraph Sophia. So which is it? Should the expectation be that high priced means always better service or not? What you're actually trying to show here is justification on why you, or your ladies, charge a high price. I honestly don't care one way or another, you're allowed to charge whatever price you deem reasonable and the market will dictate your volume based on that, but that's obviously something you're already aware of. In closing, I want to clarify what I'm trying to discuss here. I'm not trying to say that ladies should charge less. I'm simply pointing out that more money does not always equal a better service and I haven't seen any real counter arguments to that overriding statement.
  14. Thanks for your sympathies Gabriella. I've, of course, gotten over that experience, I actually took a valuable lesson away from that appointment in particular, so at least it wasn't a total loss. For the sake of clarity, the lady in question was an established touring lady who used to work at a reputable agency and had recommendations from her travels overseas. I couldn't find anything on CERB, but I knew she just started touring Canada and her previous market has its own board (which is part of the lessons I've learned, fully investigate every potential meeting). I later found out that others had experienced similar things with her, but due to CERB's no negative reviews policy (not questioning or complaining, merely stating the fact) were not allowed to share their warnings. If I could summarize my thoughts on the subject I'd say the following: As a hobbyist you don't always get what you pay for. Sometimes you get more, sometimes you get less. In order to assure that any potential appointment goes well its the hobbyist's responsibility to thoroughly investigate the lady and to properly prepare for the meeting (shower, shave, brush, scrub, etc etc). And even when you've done all of this, just because one lady charges more than the other, it doesn't mean that the more expensive lady will provide the better service. Unfortunately you can't know how the encounter will unfold until its started unfolding. There are so many factors that come in to play when it comes to having a great encounter and no one can control all of them. You do everything you can and hope the things you can't control fall into place. The only consideration a ladies' price should take in your mind is whether or not you can afford that price. Don't base your expectations regarding service on the price you're paying, as you might be disappointed. Instead, base your expectations on the investigation you just performed and your interactions (emails, phone calls, text messages, etc) with the lady in question. I've gotten less for more and more for less as a hobbyist. And while I understand the compulsion of some ladies to try and integrate the "get what you pay for" mentality into the mind of hobbyists, I think that at its core it is misleading and want to share my experiences to let others know that they don't always HAVE to pay 300 an hour for a good experience.
  15. Again, I completely disagree. Without needing to know how you or your agency works Amelia I'm basing my opinion off of my hobbying experience, which I'm sure we can both agree, I have more of than you :). Note that I'm talking about experience as the one who pays, not the one who gets payed. As I said, I've been with ladies who charged me 250 and above who: wouldn't kiss (advertised as GFE/DFK and yes, my breath was fresh and clean as always), lied about their physical characteristics, watched TV while providing the service (and I mean, really REALLY watching it, not looking at me at all), kicked me out early because the next guy was waiting (never have I put my pants on faster in my life), wouldn't let me touch their breasts, etc etc. Conversely I've been with ladies who charged 180 who: were incredibly affectionate, were the most amazing kissers, were completely focused on me and my needs, provided just about every "service" under the sun and still stayed longer than the agreed upon hour, etc etc Now, given those two examples, how could you possibly still affirm that you always "get what you pay for"? As has been said a multitude of times on this board and others, every lady is different. I'm not saying that some ladies who charge 250+ aren't worth it, I know for a fact that some are. But as a customer, you can't assume that because she charges 250+ that she's worth that. Just because you've never heard of ladies being pressured doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I've had ladies in various markets tell me about how it happened to them (not just a one time occurrence), so I have no reason not to believe them. Just another one of the many issues that escorts must face I guess.
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