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  1. I visited her in Victoria last year - amazing massage! https://www.lyla.ch/topic/202112-chantel-•-white/?tab=comments#comment-906485
  2. @StephanieMystique is often in that part of the province now.
  3. I recently had a delightful visit with @Emma Barrows We had a great conversation to get to know each other a bit, a relaxing time chatting led to other enjoyable past-times, suffice to say that it was definitely an experience which I intend to repeat!
  4. I was out in Victoria for work last month and had the opportunity to relax a bit with Chantel Babe. I met at her incall which is in a very convenient location to Downtown, and enjoyed an hour long massage session. She has a number of other options available on her site, but a massage was what I needed, and oh my, did she ever deliver! She is exactly as fit as she describes herself, with strong hands to match which meant she was able to get deep into the sore spots and left me super relaxed. What followed the massage was even more amazing, and her skills are exceptional! I will repeat the next time I'm out that way. Highly recommended!
  5. I had a delightful visit with Ms. Stephanie the other week, and I thought I'd make mention of it. I arrived and was greeted warmly in her comfortable in-call location for a 90 minute visit. Sitting on the couch together with some light conversation over drinks to start, a bit of catching up as we'd not seen each other for a while. A delightful bit of flirtation, then a diversion to the shower together to scrub down and get tidy just in time to get 'down and dirty' with each other. It would be impolite to tell tales, but suffice to say, enjoyment was had by both of us, with some skills being demonstrated that are quite unrivaled. I was both satisfied and relaxed after our time together, finishing up with a shower before heading out. Both Stephanie's personality and her skills are top notch. I have been visiting her for a while now, and will observe that she remembers sensitive spots, touch points, and learns to maximize pleasure the more often you spend time with her. I'm looking forward to our next opportunity to spend an afternoon together!
  6. Granted, but you fall asleep once per minute for 55 seconds. I wish I could make it sunny and warm out by snapping my fingers.
  7. I do my best not to discuss politics....my own leanings are my own. I will observe the following as a universal truth though: The true definition of a politician is "One who lies when the truth would serve."
  8. Second shot of Moderna punched into the arm yesterday. Wiped me out today, but I'm now doubled up!
  9. I had the opportunity to pay MsManda a visit, and really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know her. A fun person, a great personality, and a truly memorable experience. I am looking forward to another opportunity to spend time with her!
  10. I'll put a vote forward for @StephanieMystique as well! She's persevered through a year impacted by far more than just COVID, and has shared smiles and joy as she's moved forward.
  11. So, is there a 'stigma' about male masturbation - perhaps. Something that I've observed is that when you walk into a sex toy store, you'll find a wide variety and several aisles of dildos....and barely a handful of 'male' devices. (pun intended?) So, is that because they're not popular sellers? Or because men don't masturbate as much? Or because if you've got a palm, you've already got all you need so most men don't need 'toys' or accessories to help themselves along? Some things to ponder. Anyhow. Hands have worked for a very long time before I ever tried any 'accessories'. A few years ago I discovered the 'tenga egg' system - basically a 'one shot' disposable 'self care' toy that comes in a little egg shaped container with a shot of lube in a tube inside. I'll highly recommend them if you're looking for something more than a handful of kleenex. MS
  12. In a world of negatives, this has been such a positive thread to see and catch up on (alas - a bit late on my part! Life is busy at times!) I hope everyone got what they were hoping for on that special day! MS
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