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    Just a nice clean good old Guy .Happy to be here and cant wait to meet some of the Wonderful People
  1. Just want to make it clear I was not offering drugs or anything to anybody.It was something I was curious about and I was just using the tools of the CERB site to get an understanding of where the S.P,s stand on this issue.Some people are on orders from Doctor,s to use .I thought this would be a valid thread as I often use this site to get a better understanding of the lifestyle............Anyway sorry not everyone here has an open mind.....Live and Let Live
  2. Not sure if this fits in here but Ill give it a try anyway...Just wondering if its bad or good to discuss or ask the S.P,s if they would be interested in 420 products.....I know it shouldent be talked about in the open but maybe there are places to find S.P,s who enjoy it as I do....Maybe a new group or something would be good...Hope this is all within the rules on CERB...Ive learned more about women on this site in a few months than I have in 40 yrs...I love this site...TKS
  3. Have a Great Day and hope you take the time to do something nice for yourself...
  4. Iam 46 and I still need a release everymorning...then if I get some that night its all good...to each their own...
  5. I try to check in every morning...I do love to read all the post and threads,and also like to check out all kinds of neat stuff that the site provides...its like my other secrete life lol
  6. When will they learn,the more illegal it is the more dangerous it becomes.
  7. Age,race,size and shapes are not important to me,that being said I think we need pic,s and discripitions both if were using the Cerb method to find an S.P . I dont have any rules or requirements its just a total package in MY mind that Iam seeking.
  8. I thnk Iam a nice guy...lol..really thow hang in there .Ive got my eye on you.I get to Ottawa a every few months and have you high on my list....Have a great day !
  9. You are both Sexy and Smart....Strenght in numbers
  10. Iam 46 and really do lke the S.P to be close to my age..even a bit older...nothing moves like experince!!!
  11. Iam just going into an early retirement...46 yrs old and yes I will not be able to take to see the S.P,S as I would like to...my loss and it sucks..
  12. Thanks to everyone who had fun with my Thread...my first time and it was really awesome to read everyones input...and some of those pics really got me going...Have a great weekend... Cerb Rocks
  13. Even tho I dont it was ever a fashion it would be a great time of year to start a great new fashion trend...Camel Toe Wear... next hottest thing on the street...Love it...any girls with great taste would want it...Have Fun
  14. Any reason to play with myself is good enough for me !
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