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  1. Booked 30 min with Lisa at the condo on Pembina. Was a pretty good time. She's lovely and attentive, but didn't ultimately get what I wanted, a bbbjtcws. She spit into a condom and ran off quickly to mouthwash and such. It felt wrong, sort of like rejection, even though she's beautiful and has a lot to offer, I know I'm demanding a lot as well, so this was the best disappointment for me in a long time. Still enjoyed myself, but felt a bit cheated anyway. As I get older, the oral thing matters more for me for a host of reasons. Still looking for that girl who loves the man milk.
  2. I think the food has to be better, or if not better, at least cleaner, or more consistent...
  3. Door #3 upstairs didn't seem very clean. Yanki seemed new to massage, was very light pressure. Will not repeat
  4. Answered my own question. Yanki no wanki
  5. Lol. I hope you're right, but doubt it. Attendant named Yanki working today. Anybody try her yet?
  6. Tried to book because her ad was up in LL. Wanted eTransfer instead of payment on arrival. Sounded sketchy. Any intel on this?
  7. Don’t know if Laura is new. Wha new for me.
  8. I left very happy today. Laura was great
  9. Had a great massage from Anna. No extras though
  10. Yeah, she’s amazing. Lost her number at Bridgeport. I miss Emily from the old Pembina location near the perimeter too
  11. Any information about snow? Any good?
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