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  1. Very nice girl, good comms and cute doggy.
  2. Lavondyss


    I've never wanted to be a cell phone so bad.
  3. Lavondyss


    Oh. My. Gawd. Nom nom nom nom nom
  4. Lavondyss


    I think I just came. Yup. Sweet lord............
  5. Thanks Barney. Not trying to offend anyone - I actually had absolutely no idea. It's 'cuz I'm not sophisticated like my betters from Upper Canada. And thanks for that incredibly insightful response, Angela.
  6. Ummmm............ reading thru the posts above, I get what the 'T' stands for. But, if she has a cock (as someone wrote) then she's not truly transgendered is she ? Maybe I'm missing something. You know us dumb easterners............
  7. So what does it stand for ? I thought it stood for Toronto, but now I'm thinking that might have been naive on my part.
  8. Lavondyss

    Beautiful eyes.
  9. Saw that, which was was got me all curious. Mod stated quite plainly that it had nothing to do with Ladiitrill posting her phone #, so I was wondering if there something of which the members might want to be aware of......... false pictures or some other sort of unethical behaviour.
  10. Got to ask the mod, why was she suspended ? There seemed to be nothing amiss with her ads or web-page.
  11. Having seen two friends literally die of alcolholism, I can only wish her the best and admire her for tackling it head on. When your body has had enough, it can literally turn itself inside out due to alcohol poisoning and it isn't pretty. Many people never muster the courage to even recognize the problem let alone fight it. All the best, Angel.
  12. Has anyone met this young lady ? Haven't seen any reco's on her one way or the other. TIA
  13. If you missed her while she was here............ ha ha ha ha ha ha na na na na na na. Just shoot yourself, because you missed the best hour of your life.
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