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  1. dread pirate roberts

    Where is this site going...

    Are you deliberately misunderstanding his point? He’s saying this site had its glory days before the Law was changed, and is not now as good as it was. That opinion is probably not unique to him, and does not in any way imply that there is currently a better site somewhere else.
  2. dread pirate roberts

    Anyone know any cute and petite provider?

    Done. On an unrelated note, seen anyone lately? ;)
  3. dread pirate roberts

    Craigslist and bisexuals

    PM sent.
  4. dread pirate roberts

    Anna Harris

    I have seen Anna several times. If you think her services are the sort of thing you might be interested in, you will not find a better person to try them with. My sessions with her are among the very best I have had, of any sort. Feel free to message me if you would like details.
  5. dread pirate roberts

    Some scary shit out there....

    "to be sure you are not a cop" - but she would not be committing a crime by accepting the money at the time, only he would be by paying it. Isn't that right?
  6. dread pirate roberts

    Please Help....Need Some Opinions

    I did a quick Google search - I don’t think this was the source of “1 in 1000” that I stated, but it was something like this: https://www.poz.com/article/HIV-risk-25382-5829 I’m not looking to spread misinformation - just putting OP’s mind at ease. Let’s assume I was wrong by a factor of 30. That would still leave one in a quadrillion odds, so OP should not worry.
  7. dread pirate roberts

    Please Help....Need Some Opinions

    " The very first stat you quoted, 0.1% risk with unprotected anal sex, is interesting. Seems low at first glance. How did HIV spread so widely then? High frequency of contact? " I don't know, but if you figure hundreds of thousands of unprotected sex acts before the risk was known, even a rate of one in a thousand leads to a pretty high absolute number, and then that has an exponential effect.
  8. dread pirate roberts

    Please Help....Need Some Opinions

    Let's add some numbers to give real meaning to "minuscule". If you let a man who was HIV+ ejaculate in your ass, the risk of you becoming HIV+ would be 0.1%. That is, you'd be infected only one out of a thousand times doing that. Now let's add condom usage, reducing the risk of infection by 98%: so now we are down to a one in 50,000 chance, But that's assuming that you actually were exposed in that way to semen from someone who was HIV+. What are the odds that this wand actually had semen on it at all? First, we have to work out the odds it wasn't cleaned, which can only be a guesstimate - let's say it is cleaned 9 times out of 10, which seems insultingly low to the spa. In that case the risk is now down to one out of 500,000. But THAT is just the risk of semen at all, so we need the odds that that semen came from someone HIV+. That percentage varies depending where you are in the country, but nationwide the rate is about 0.17%. Roughly speaking, we are now at odds of one in 30,000,000. Even then it takes very unusual conditions for the HIV virus to survive outside the body - being at room temperature, for example, makes it unlikely to survive very long. Again hard to work out, but let's wildly exaggerate the risk that this other person somehow ejaculated onto the wand (causing us to wonder why the SP didn't make him wear a condom as well) and that that happened recently enough for this to become the first recorded case ever of anyone becoming infected by HIV being left on an inanimate plastic object for some period of time: let's say that's one in a thousand, but honestly I think the odds against it are ridiculously higher than that. But going with that number, the risk has now become one in 30,000,000,000. And still we are wildly over-estimating the odds, because HIV is not that easily gotten into someone's body. Basically the SP could have given you a handjob using HIV+ semen as lube, and you would still have had no risk of infection unless you had a small cut on your penis allowing the virus to enter your system. What are the odds you have a cut like that which you don't know about? I'm going to guess pretty small - maybe one in a thousand? So now the odds are one in 30,000,000,000,000. It sounds to me like the odds are in the range of thirty quadrillion to one against you having contracted HIV. Unless, that is, the odds are literally 0% because you don't have a cut on your penis. It would make more sense to worry that the International Space Station will randomly explode and a tiny piece of it will fly to earth and hit you than to worry about that encounter with an SP.
  9. It used to be that when you went to a thread, there was a very prominent button which said "go to first unread comment", or something like that. That seems like so obviously a beneficial feature that I am convinced I simply cannot find its current equivalent - but I cannot find its current equivalent! So I'd suggest either restoring that or making it more obvious.
  10. dread pirate roberts

    Spryfield area

    For those who don't know Katherine - what are you waiting for? Take her up on this offer!
  11. dread pirate roberts

    Spryfield area

    I have sent you a private message. It’s worth noting that some providers prefer not to have their location publicly mentioned on the board.
  12. dread pirate roberts

    Hotel Visit - Meeting downstairs.

    I get why you didn't want to go down to the lobby - feeling nervous that someone will be watching you is understandable, whether it's likely or not. But, you know, exactly that same feeling could plausibly make an SP think "I don't want to stand around in this lobby looking conspicuous if he's not coming down right away".
  13. Hypothetically, if I texted an SP with a moderated account, who asked to be texted at a particular number, and two days later I got a reply, only asking me to text a different number, should red flags go up? The two day delay is unwise but could just be inexperience. Should there be other cause for concern?
  14. dread pirate roberts

    Stripping Legality

    A further wrinkle to think about (and sorry to do this to you!) is municipal by-laws. If you aren't soliciting sex then you're fine as far as the criminal law is concerned, but there could be other laws. Some cities have zoning laws for "adult entertainment", for example, which means that strip clubs and massage parlours can only operate in particular areas. I'd be REALLY surprised if anybody cared about a one-time private event, but you might want to check if there are any such laws where you live.
  15. In Halifax, the walk along the Waterfront has become quite nice. If you prefer a park, it's easy to reach Point Pleasant Park, in the far south end of the city. For restaurants, try The Wooden Monkey: downtown, very good locally-sourced food, not a touristy destination.