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  1. Two things you can pass someone through kissing is the bacteria that causes cavities and the bacteria that causes gingivitis, or gum disease. Once a person is over 35ish the teeth harden up and cavities become very rare (my dentist told me this) but, as we age we become very susceptible to gingivitis due to the changes in our saliva's ph and our ability to control these critters. One can pass these germs through drinking out of the same cups too. I have noticed a trend for familial teeth problems and I asked the dentist about that too. He said it is not unusual for an entire family to be infected with the bacteria, and, just add less than enthusiastic cleaning and you have problems. Gum disease can really destroy your mouth. Brushing once a week with hydrogen peroxide is a good way to kill the critters and rinsing with a solution to restore the ph (found in drugstores) will help. I love my teeth! I am very selective with whom I kiss!
  2. 2008 Milrod. Sorry, made a mistake: 31% of the volunteers were Catholic 19% Protestant 2% Jewish 30% other You are correct in stating that a voluntary survey would naturally select for those most likely to volunteer information, making the entire survey slightly biased toward this characteristic.
  3. In an article on inside sex workers it states that 53% of those interviewed were raised as Catholics.
  4. I recall several incidences of disabled people having their settlement awards eaten away by unscrupulous people working in the public trustee office. Canada is indeed soft, unless you evade your taxes! Carrie, you have reminded me of several situations I know close to home where people were so very deeply in love they believed everything, or, seriously, even if they doubted they would go into denial and find a reason for any 'odd' behaviour, or serious income losses. I would love to have a relationship, but, I know that one more mistake could put me in the poor house forever. There is nothing more disabling to your future than a nasty divorce.
  5. I just realized the other day, that men and women probably look at pricing from a completely different standpoint. Women think "this is how much I am worth" Men think: "this is how much I am willing to spend on myself"
  6. Empress, you took the words out of my mouth, or from my pen. That was precisely what I wondered. You never know when you read stories like these, what the truth actually is. Remember the girl in Montreal who shaved herself and pretended to have cancer? I feel sorry for anyone who is robbed like that. I do know an instance where a judge gave a disabled man's sister power of his affairs and she was a crack addict. So, half the money that was meant to care for this quadriplegic was used up in about 3 months. Fortunately, the situation was resolved before he became destitute. Infatuation is a powerful drug. I have had to give my head a shake when I fall for some fellow and after the great sex is over I realize we are not at all alike, usually, polar opposites...I do this bi-annually(but the sex is so good it's worth it)
  7. I love the Dr. Who series. You have great taste Cato. The other series I loved was The Avengers. Emma Peel was a great role model and a sexy beast! Oh, Steed was good too!
  8. I have recently switched over to massage service. I thought I had a pretty good idea of what it entailed having been educated by a client who was a regular at MPs in Ontario. He told me the routine and the average prices. Now, bear in mind I am operating in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area,but, I am surprised at the requests I get. What is GFE massage? Isn't the greatest talent of a masseuse the ability to relax the client and have them feel as comfortable as if you had known one another for years? Does one need to advertise that? It seems redundant. How is it possible to massage a client while he is putting his fingers inside your pussy? (a request that surprised me). I am sure there are quite few professional women who can enlighten me, but, I wanted some input from the consumer end of things too. I am trying to word my ad so I can be sure I am attracting my target market. thanks for any input! cheers all!
  9. Gosh, I did this to one of my favourite clients! I got caught up in some stuff at home and completely forgot to go to the apartment. The poor thing stood out there phoning away. It was months before I saw him again, and, I felt so lucky and blessed that he came back.
  10. I made great money as a teen and on up until a divorce. Then came a bid awakening. I learned how to heat a rock in the oven and wrap it in newspaper to keep in our beds at night. I learned that from a woman who was very poor. (I still do it now cause the rock stays hot for a very long time.) It is interesting to watch your breath in the air while you sit in the living room, and, if someone walks past then the air that moves against your face actually hurts. We wore winter clothes inside. We burned some living room furniture cause we didn't have any heat except the fireplace and we had no wood. And I remember living on porridge a lot. But, I pretty much figured out which church was giving away what food and when, and, I can make something out of anything. We sorta made it an adventure.
  11. K, I tried to update and add things that would tell a little about me, eg; I enjoy Baroque, Classical, and Jazz, and popular 40s and 50s and 60s music, but, there is not enough room. I did not even get to the really good stuff So, we have to, in 10 words or less, say something succinct about our personalities?
  12. Yes, these topics can get very passionate. I had a friend who was always in love with someone and ending up pregnant. She had 5 abortions between the age of 17 and 21. She said to me once it was no big deal as she caught them very early. I just thought she could've been more careful. She always believed the guy when he said he was infertile, or fixed, or whatever else they said So, in a way I experienced Julia's frustration, and, I understand what she means in her story. Well, the decision belonged to my friend and I am glad for our freedom to choose. She did grow up and go on to birth 3 lovely children...life goes on. BTW all it took was 3 minutes without a condom with my second ever boyfriend and I ended up with something called trichomoniasis. Easy enough to fix but, Yuck! I learned quickly and never again went unprotected!
  13. Pro Choice. Anti-abortionists spend a lot of time highlighting late term abortions. These are absolutely awful to endure and generally don't happen unless there is an emergency. A late term abortion must be delivered the same as a full term child. Pretty crappy. Most abortions are performed very early first trimester. I could not carry a child full term now. I would have to abort. I would not abort if I was younger. Choice is important.
  14. OMG I soooo want one! I read the story of the guy who invented and designed it and how he developed it to maximize a woman's pleasure. He noticed that most women like to grind their hips rather than ride up and down on a shaft. He wrote a book that comes with the equipment. I got horny just reading some of this on the website!
  15. recently my naughty sister sent me a pic on her camera. It was one her boyfriend sent her of his very erect member. Just as she hit send she realized she sent it to a wrong number. Hope it made someone's day happy
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