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  1. I almost sent a work email this morning where the phrase "my count" ended up as "mo cunt"...good thing I caught that one!!!
  2. Listening to Yankees-Orioles on the MLB At-Bat app...
  3. Gumboot Cloggeroo by Stompin' Tom. Next up, Public Service Announcement by Jay-Z... It's that kind of day!!
  4. A snazzy "Campobello chair" for the deck!
  5. I think many people do jobs in multiple sectors because they are desperate for a pay-cheque. If one does any job that they do not particularly like because they "need to put food on the table", there is an element of desperation involved. I know many people who work (some in "prestigious" jobs) that they dislike because it is just a way to make money. They may rather do something else but it doesn't pay as well, or have benefits or offer them the flexible hours they need to make things work. They are stuck in the job, experiencing felt despiration. If one does work (regardless of sector) that they enjoy; providing both extrinsic and intrinsic benefits then they are blessed!
  6. The ability to be reached at all hours of the day or night...
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