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  1. I assume you mean DOESN'T bode well for legitimacy ??
  2. I saw Emily just the other day. She is amazing. I would deffinitly recommend her and repeat.
  3. It's strange. I still see there adds for there girls on both there website and on Leolist also. And they are updated fairly regularly.
  4. Pictures from both adds where taken from other sites. I would advise caution. The first add. Pictures 10 through 18 are stolen. They look very similar to the first 9 pics. But deffintily a different girl and the last 8 pics are stolen. The second add. They seem to be from an escort site in Montreal. From what I could tell. Red flags for both adds in my eyes.
  5. I am not sure what happened as far as the pictures go. When I originally looked up the add the pictures where totally different. 100 percent a totally different set of pictures and a different girl. And they were all stolen from a porn star. Really wierd. All I can think of is that LL made awesome type of link error ? Cause the pictures in the add on LL are not the same as the ones from the other day. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. They are all stolen pictures . So I would use caution. Red flag for sure.
  7. For years later.... I'm pretty sure his trip to the east coast is long finished by now !
  8. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_-5722500 I was wondering if anyone has visited her at all lately. I did search the forums . She does seem to be legit. The age is a bit low. But still... I was curious if anyone has visited her as she is currently in the HRM . Thanks
  9. I am very interested as well. I almost feel like based on wow great she looks it may be to good to be true. Based partially on the rate being only $200. Just seems to be a tad low. But , maybe not ! Let us know if you take the plunge as I would love to visit her as well if her pics are real.
  10. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_mrs_milano_back_in_halifax_ur_true_french_playmate-5644282 Wondering if anyone has visited her ? Seem legit at all ? Thanks !
  11. X2 !!! With only one or two exceptions.
  12. A quick search of the photos shows them pooping up all over the country. Every where from out west all the way to Ontario as well as Nova Scotia. You could definitely toftt and see if she is legit. They could be stolen pics. Or she could be legit. It's a tough one for sure.
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