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  1. Sorry man, I don’t post publicly about the details of the actual service provided by any escort. No matter how good or bad the service is. Firstly, there are far too many variables between two individual people when it comes to sexual interaction. But mostly because I’ve been around so long that I know how much BS there is when it comes to escort reviews. Some provide positive reviews for free or discounted service. Some provide negative feedback as revenge or on behalf of a competing escort. I provide neutral feedback to confirm the girl is real, as advertised, and delivers service as agreed upon. @babyparadise does check all of those boxes.
  2. Well, given that I didn’t provide any details about the actual service provided, I’m not sure what you think she would have changed had she not known my intention. Would she have been less young? Less tiny? Would she have somehow not been the girl in the pictures? Do you think she would have run some kind of scam to steel my money had she not known my plans? I mentioned that she was a little socially awkward, would she have been more socially awkward had she not known my intention? Or just less polite? My comments were intentionally neutral to provide factual information rather that a subjective opinion about the service provided. She’s real. She is the girl in the photos. Her description of herself is accurate. She does provide service as agreed upon. I’ve been hobbying since before @babyparadise was born. If she was a sketchy meth-head, she wouldn’t have been able to hide it for the sake of a review. Most if us have met those girls. They aren’t exactly forward thinking.
  3. Ok, so @babyparadise sent me a message saying that even though she was not seeing customers at the moment due to covid, that she’d see me so that I could post an honest review. So, as promised, I toftt, paid full price, and this was my honest experience. This girl is exactly as advertised. She’s a young, very tiny spinner. If that’s your thing, she’ll fit the bill. When I say tiny, she’s really tiny. By far the smallest girl I’ve ever visited with. Her incall location is at her apartment. It’s typical student accommodations. She has a roommate who apparently was home but I did not see or hear him/her. She was very friendly and polite. She almost seemed a little socially awkward, but certainly have no complaints about her personality or attitude. Very friendly girl. She was fresh and clean. Service was fine. I’m a fairly vanilla kinda guy, but she was happy to accommodate my leads. I think that she has potential in this market. Fredericton doesn't have a young spinner type that’s active, so she could fill that space adequately. If she gets herself a better incall location with no roommate and gets a little bit of experience to make her interactions feel a little less awkward, she’ll do just fine. Certainly nothing to be concerned about with this girl. She’s real, as advertised, and friendly. If the young spinner is your thing, you’ll enjoy her.
  4. Well, I just went to her ad to contact her and it looks like she’s only doing online stuff until the end of January due to Covid concerns. I’l. respect that. Looks like we’ll all have to wait until next month. However, I’m committed to doing what I said I would as soon as she’s comfortable resuming in person meetings. @babyparadise I’m fully vaxed and will be ready when you are.
  5. Ok enough drama. I’ll toftt. @babyparadise if you’re ok with an honest review, I will contact you and post accordingly afterwards. I’ve been a member here since 2011, long before it was even called “lyla”. So I think that my review will come with some credibility.
  6. Hi folks. Will be visiting Halifax this week and am looking for a good duo recommendation. Any intel good/bad would be appreciated.
  7. I saw a little confusion under the "discussion" thread about freddigirl and felt compelled to write a review. She has a few different ads that she runs on CL but doesn't use her Cerb handle there. Firstly, the pics are hers. I will say that as a rule, I don't visit with girls locally. I travel a fair amount throughout Canada and the US and usually reserve my hobbying for out of town (if anybody is heading the Phoenix PM me!!!). This is mostly because I don't really enjoy the transient girls and there haven't been any girls in town that meet my specific taste. I'm sure many of them are excellent people and great at what they do, it's just a personal taste thing. But freddigirl is different. She's young enough to enjoy the beauty of youth but mature enough to conduct herself with confidence and experience, hot, sweet, professional, and just an all around pleasure to see. She has a hard fit body with beautiful curves and a beautiful face. I would describe her style as somewhat submissive which is perfect for me. If you're looking for a "take charge" kind of girl, you may not get it from her. I've seen her 3 times now and would repeat more often if our schedules allowed. We had a minor pricing mix up and I now have a reason to go see her again very soon : ) I highly recommend. JB
  8. Hi all, Heading to Scottsdale for an extended period and wondered if anybody had any advice on finding a good â??â?? while I'm there. I haven't been able to find a good resource for searching out a provider there. any advice or tips would be appreciated. Feel free to post public or PM me. JB
  9. Thanks for the replies so far. No Malika, I'm not trying to suprise my wife. She's very much a part of the selection process. We have been looking at a few ladies advertisements and pages alreay, but thought we'd through a post up here as it appears many ladies don't really advertise that much.
  10. Hi Everybody, My wife and I are visiting Ottawa this summer and are looking for an SP to spend some time with while were in town. We don't do stuff like this very often, so when we do we like to take our time to make sure we choose the right lady. If you're an SP who sees couples or a hobbiest with a recommendation, we'd love to hear from you. PM or reply to this thread. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I touched on this breifly in a different forum, but thought I'd leave a more detailed post in a forum with a broader audience. So mods, feel free to delete my earlier post. My wife and I have been together just over 8 years. We have a great relationship. I'm 36, she's 28 and hot. We're both in good physical shape and we have a great sex life. Like alot of couples we do things to keep our sex life exciting which includes occasionally bringing in a second girl to play with. So we always have our eye out for a lady that catches our mutual interest. We live in Atlantic Canada but we travel lots, so location isn't really an issue. We just got back from California where we had an encounter and will be heading to Montreal shortly and looking for another. Now...I should clarify...my wife and I have sex with each other, nobody else, the 2nd girl is just for us to both have some fun with, to make our own intamacy more exciting. The basic rule is that "she makes the rules", and that varies depending on her comfort level with the 2nd lady, but generally speaking, the extra V is off the table, oral is a maybe and completely up to her. We laso like to videotape ourselves occasionally. We don't share the vids or let anybody see them, but we like to take video and watch it back together. So I suppose the home run would be to find an SP that would allow us to take some video. As mentioned, the videos are just for us, but if you're concerned, a sexy mask could be used to conceal your identity. And remember the rules above, mostly softcore stuff. The video is definately not a requirement, so if you're a couple friendly SP you should PM me.
  12. Hello ladies, My wife and I are looking for a lady to come make a home movie with us. The video would be only for our own personal viewing and never shared with anybody. You would not be allowed to have a copy either. We expect it wopuld cost a premium, so if it's something you're up for...PM me to talk details.
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