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  1. I do not mind @bpgosselin84 I’ll give everyone a chance and don’t discriminate or judge. I meet people off of how they treat me and their kindness rather than appearance.
  2. Sorry that we missed each other I must have been very busy if I didn’t respond for those times as I can’t reply when I’m with others out of respect for their time. If I know someone is travelling from a different town to see me I try to make sure that I’m available so their time isn’t wasted but of course I can’t meet everyone. I’m not sure what happened there but I do apologize. Send me a direct message if you would like to try again and I’ll make sure my schedule is clear so we can meet❤️😊
  3. I have changed my number and updated it on my ad so maybe you’re still texting the old one. I’ll send you a message directly here😊
  4. No current plans to yet Feel free to drive up it’s not that far☺️
  5. Thank you for the interest😊 Looking forward to potentially meeting with you If you have any questions feel free to send me a message
  6. I remember that encounter and you were one of the very first people I’ve seen in the first few months. That has been almost two years ago now I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do that early on yet as I was still trying to find out what works for me and what I enjoy. Try looking at it from my perspective and what you would be like or what you would do differently. Starting out it’s very hard because it involves a lot of trust and I was only 19 and very shy, still kinda shy oops😘 I’ve gotten much better at things since then and learned a lot about myself and what I enjoy doing. Some of my older clients are my most favourite because of how relaxed and simple things are like just hanging out listening to music while having drinks and talking. Still learning lots because really I’m still rather new to this compared to other providers. Sorry for the confusion to you and the others who may feel the same way while I was first starting out trying to find my way and what works best for me. ❤️
  7. This was Jun 1st I believe with the number ending in 0257. I won’t disclose the entire number just for the sake of Randomg75’s privacy. Yes, of course locking the door is understandable but there were a few things in that conversation that you didn’t mention above which gave me some red flags and a bit concerned for my safety. I also understand that maybe it wasn’t your intention to hurt me or trap me in there but I haven’t met you or interacted with you at all prior to that night so my guard is of course going to be up. Before I meet anyone I ask a lot of questions and I’m trying to determine if you will potentially be a threat to my safety. You started off assuming I was just going to scam you and that you had no trust in me so you needed things done a certain way. Such as me standing in the parking lot so you could see that I arrived from your hotel window. Hmm, isn’t what I usually do or that anyone else has ever requested but that’s fine you’re being cautious I was willing to accommodate that. Further into the conversation you then said that once I get in the room you are going to be locking the door behind me. I felt like I was going to be forced to stay there. That actually gave me chills so I took that as a sign to just politely decline the opportunity to meet with you. I apologized and explained to you that I wasn’t comfortable meeting due to our conversation. Like I said above, I have a process I go through with each client and if they give me bad vibes or seem like a threat to my safety I will not meet with them as I’m not obligated to meet with anyone. My safety comes first over any amount of money. I see that perhaps my gut feeling was wrong here but I’m sure in other cases it has saved me. Hope this helps and you understand❤️😁
  8. Thank you for the kind reviews TonyK and to the others above as well. I really appreciate all your kindness🥰
  9. I understand that I can’t please everyone but I do try my hardest to make sure everyone is satisfied before they leave but for shorter sessions such as 15min it is a bit harder for me as I have to rush. Hoping for a response from TomPickle so I can find out what the issue is so I can clear it up. If I’m not aware there is a problem then I’m not able to fix it. I do travel but haven't hosted in Moncton just yet but I may in the future. Messages are always open feel free to ask any questions😇 Happy holidays to you too
  10. Hi, glad we had a chance to meet and you enjoyed our time together but I noticed you said it “wasn't perfect”. May I ask why you feel that way so I could correct it for others. I try to make sure I go above and beyond all the other providers and make things simple and the best experience possible to my ability. thanks🥰
  11. Thanks! I enjoyed our time together. Looking forward to seeing you again soon🥰
  12. I’m back available in Fredericton😊 Feel free to message me here or get my contact info off my ad🥰 https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/fredericton_cash_for_incall_5_1_100lbs-6880707?source=list
  13. I’m available in Fredericton. Feel free to get my number off my ad or message me here😊
  14. toftt and you wont be disappointed. 🙂 Post an honest review afterwards
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