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  1. I would like to nominate @JessyCeleste who is absolutely beautiful and amazing! Jessy put me at ease at our first meeting and I can never wait until the next time!!
  2. I had the pleasure of experiencing a duo with JessyCeleste and Exclusively Mia the other day and what a wonderful experience it was. JessyCeleste and I have known each other for quite some time and have met many times previously. When I heard she had a new duo partner I instantly knew I wanted to partake. Knowing JessyCeleste for quite some time (she is a beautiful lady both inside and out) I knew chemistry with her would be no problem and trusting her judgment had her introduce me to Exclusively Mia. Mia is very easy to talk to and puts you at ease immediately as though you have known her for a long time. She is a very intelligent beautiful and enchanting person to have spent time with. Both ladies being so beautiful and enchanting in every possible way, I knew I was going to have an exceptional experience and I certainly did. Both ladies were very perceptive and accommodating during our time together and I was impressed by how comfortable and interactive they were with each other and with me during the session and how natural and genuine everything felt. I certainly felt like a million bucks after our time together. I can definitely say that I made some epic memories that evening and look forward to making even more with future visits.
  3. Best wishes for a Happy Birthday
  4. There are always the old standbys like: It's a Wonderful Life Miracle on 34th Street Christmas Carol (with Alastair Sims) Grinch (agree with Jesse - the animated version) Newer personal fave (which I'm not alone) - Christmas Vacation But after many Christmas's I've started looking for lesser known or not strictly Christmas films: The Bishop's Wife (Cary Grant) Still popular but not overplayed Holiday Affair (Robert Mitchum - late 1940's) The Thin Man (1934) a comedic murder mystery set during the Christmas holidays - a wonderful film to see and again not overplayed
  5. I've done the following: Plays at the National Arts Centre Hockey game Football game Carnival / Fair Medieval Times Walking through a buskers fair Shopping La Ronde Movies at the new VIP theatres
  6. I very much believe that political correctness has gone way too far. My personal issue are those using social outrage to shut down any views that differ from theirs and vilify those who disagree The Internet fosters so many of these so-called outrage warriors (regardless of their views or political leanings) as it becomes so easy for a person to bask in opinions and information that align only with their own and rarely let in a dissenting thought. By taking political correctness as far as society has, how will people objectively debate issues in society. As was mentioned by Loopie, over-protecting young people does prepare them for the real world and that in my opinion is doing them the greatest disservice of all. It sets such an unrealistic expectation at such a young age that you will forever be protected from any and all offence. Recently I saw that I think was the most ridiculous example of political correctness gone too far: a youth oriented gathering where clapping / applause was prohibited. Instead of clapping only finger snapping was allowed (clapping was considered too scary / aggressive????). With respect to the question if this is feeding Trump's popularity, I think in part it is. If the political correctness pendulum swings too far to one side some will rebel against it and Trump most certainly caters to the other end of the spectrum. Having said that, I firmly believe that we can be kind and respectful to one another without this increasingly trend of political correctness.
  7. Like most others I have not gone completely digital. I am a bit of a collector of books so I think it will be a while before I go for books as I enjoy having a good hardcover book to read. In terms of music I have gone mostly digital since I don't want to carry a CD player when I'm out and my current car doesn't have a CD player in it - the assumption seems to be music will be streamed over Bluetooth (I like the fact it clears up the clutter from having CD's in the car). I still buy DVD's and BluRay again as a bit of a collector there are many movies and TV shows I'd prefer to keep on a physical medium since steaming services remove content. However with iTunes and Netflix I am definitely buying fewer DVD's and BluRay (often I would buy if I though they'd be interesting but seeing that I only watched some discs only periodically I've been gravitating to streaming if I felt it was only an occasional watch. The bonus I find with digital is that there is more content that is more easily obtained.
  8. Happy Birthday Old Dog, All the best
  9. Best wishes for a very happy birthday :-)
  10. Met her a couple of times as well, in fact she was the first SP I saw. I wish her all the best in whatever she is doing now.
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