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  1. Where is the best place to pickup tgirls? Escorts or non, I've seen a couple posts here a long time ago.
  2. Has anyone seen her? The ad which caught my eye was titled "sexy sexy fun ;)" Please Pm with details if you have experience with her cheers!
  3. I too would like some information for about Barbie. Although something fishy caught my eye last week. Immediately after her post was one for another girl (can't remember name), same area, different number, no face pics but her body looked the same...
  4. This recommendation is long overdue (sorry my dear), and I don't write many, so bear with me. After eyeing up Lexy's pictures and profile for a while I finally decided to initiate contact. From the moment I first heard back from her via email it was pure bliss. She was very easy to talk to, friendly and instantly gave me a very comfortable feeling. (I am still somewhat new to hobbling, so still get the jitters every now and then). Setting up a time was effortless, it was even very pleasurable with Lexy. Every conversation was exciting and intriguing. We had a few of these as I first sent her a message a week or so prior to our date. Along came date night..I had never hosted before. Props to all you ladies and gentlemen who do, it's a lot of work getting the place ready for a special evening. There were no surprises with Lexy. She messages when she said she would, and called when she said she would. Needless to say, she showed up right on time. I almost dropped when I opened the door. She is better looking In person than her picturs do her justice. And I think we can all agree that her pictures do her lots of justice. Lexy and I relaxed, had a nice dinner and few drinks and it seemed like we knew each other for an eternity. I won't get into the details of what took place after dinner, but let me tell you that Lexy is very beauiful, extremley talented, not a clock watcher and she definitely loves what she does. I made a great friend that night, one that I will absolutely see again. Thanks for a great time Lexy, xoxo
  5. I haven't logged in in a while. I huge smile came to my face when I saw that this event was still going ahead. Can't wait to meet you all (and see some of you again) and have a great evening.
  6. want_sumfun69

    Very nice!!! I could play with those all day and all night
  7. Read this recommendation from WrinkledinTime for Gabreilla Laurence. Cheers and have fun.
  8. Hello all! This is an excellent idea, one which I would defiantly attend. There is a certain chain of hotel rooms throughout the hrm (which will remain nameless for discretionary purposes) that offer fully furnished suites at decent rates. There would obviously be no bar service, but we could byob, or even add a few dollars to the admission fee, to cover said drinks. This provides it's own safety risks, so we would also require someone to serve these drinks. I have stayed in the aboved mentioned suites and they are spacious, roomy and very comfortable. Just a thought, and I may be able to get a discount. PM if this is a good idea...not sure what the numbers are yet. 40 people may be cramped, I can check and see how big the largest suite they offer in the HRM is... Additional Comments: This is merely a suggestion, I have nothing to do organizing this event.
  9. Standing in line at Tim's for 15 mins, (on a half hour lunch break) when I finally begin to place my order I perform the wallet pat down...only to discover my wallet is in my locker at work.
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