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  1. Not a faux on my part, but I was caught in the crossfire once. About 12 years ago I was working in a smaller IT firm as a network administrator, and just about anything else connected to it. I came in one Monday morning and the VP asked me to come see him once I got settled in. I walk into his office and there's a stack on SP ads printed out from Montreal. He pushes them across the desk. I pick em up and ask him if we are going to Montreal for a business trip and if I get my pick.... He laughs and says he wants me to find out who it was. Turns out the person was VPN's to our network at night after a few cognacs and was printing SP's adds out. They weren't printing at his house so he thought something was wrong and just kept hitting "print.. print" on these adds. They were printing just fine... off the office's main printer! I found out who it was easily (in fact my guess was right) but made up some story about how they were using a proxy and its not worth putting our other objectives on hold while I dig further. I convinced him to just let it go and if it comes up again we'll pull whoever it is in for a chat. Word of this spread through the office, and that person was careful from then on... I got a lot of respect for the way I handled it. Im no rat. No one was getting hurt and its not worth blemishing a solid career for something that should be legal.
  2. He blended together all the things I adore in life. I guess it was time for a rest. RIP Heff'
  3. Im odor sensitive myself and wouldn't go out on the town without a shower better yet get intimate. I would expect the same from anyone I met.
  4. I can't wait to get the PC's out of the majority. Peter MacKay is such a plug. Put me in the pile that thinks this is not going to go through as laid out (no pun intended). The provisioning of this law is just too far and broad to be rubber stamped as is. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/erin-seatter/canada-sex-work-bill_b_5459631.html
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