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    Single with not near enough time to mingle. I woul like to find a regular hobbyist/sp for fun times.

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  1. hawtguy


    Beautiful body and tattoos.
  2. Well written, true and a very fun read. Should be read as part of the requirements before getting a username :-)
  3. Clearly still under development. No categories for New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island yet.
  4. This is the funniest series I have watched in a while. Have to watch it from the start. I look forward to episodes of Girls, Two Broke Girls and Breaking Bad...no confusion as to what is in my head.
  5. I am still smiling from my time with this true beauty. Sara is smart, funny and charming. Combine that with a smoking body and serious skills. A rare combination of what I was looking for. You are in for a treat spending time with this gem and I am sure you will leave smiling too. By far the best experience I have ever had.
  6. I will in Bathurst all week on business and wondering if I will be spending the week alone or if any suggestions ?
  7. hawtguy


    Nice curves ;-)
  8. hawtguy

    Wow. What a beauty.
  9. Yikes. Very inviting pic ;-)
  10. hawtguy


    I love this picture !
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