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  1. This recommendation is beyond over due! I only hope that members and Amber will forgive me for keeping her to myself. I have been a member for a few years and you'll notice I don't make many recommendations, so when I do take notice!!! This given is amazing!!! She has this come hither smile that will make you man hood quiver with anticipation. Amazing red hair that looks like it is on fire. Eyes that dance with mischief, and "curves like a back road" make damn sure to take your time exploring them. Fabulous. I have known her since her days at Pink Kitty and I can say without a single doubt she gets better every time. Her mouth is magical on a level that would put most ventriloquist to shame. What talent! I have had the pleasure of longer sessions and shorter sessions and there is never enough time. She will never rush you and you will feel like a demi-god when she is done with you. WARNING: that smile will get you into all the best kind of trouble, and you'll only want more. She visits Ottawa fairly often. I believe she will be here soon. Do NOT miss your chance.
  2. Ties eh? I was wondering more silk boxers or no boxers ;)
  3. Hey mr. T Was just curious on dress code have never been to a social not sure what to expect. Is it casual, semi-formal, or formal? For those gents that purchased the vip ticket that limo ride is return from down town correct?
  4. 05181984

    Whoops worth saying twice though ;)
  5. 05181984

    Naughty librarian!!! I love it ;-) what kind of trouble can we get into in the stacks!
  6. 05181984

    Naughty librarian!!! I love it ;-) what kind of trouble can we get into in the stacks!
  7. Let me start off as sincerely as I can, I don't write recommendations! It's not who I am. I value my annonymity and privacy. That being said there are times, when a situation or person is such an inspiration that you have to take a step forward. Mandy is such a person! I have had the privilege to see Mandy on two different occasions. The first was a splendid hour where we met in the clubs larger room. We sat and talked candidly with one another. We became comfortable with each other very quickly with was due in no small part to the personality and charisma of such a wonderful lady! Hands started to meet and touch all over and a sensual exchange of light touching and groping took over, which wisked us into the shower quickly where she is very attentive and caring to your whole body. Next came the massage she starts with a nice smooth massage of your body helping you relax as she talks with you and continues the slight sexual banter and teasing while she slowly moves into a deeper massage of your muscles and things getting a little more quiet and a lot more hotter!!! Eventually she teases you into flipping over onto your back for what can only be described as heavenly extension of your sexual chi. again a light touch, moving into a more deeper tissue massage and onto the sensual and mind blowing release everyman is looking for. I got up from the table feeling light headed and woozie, I have been too many different massage clubs all over Canada and seen many different attendants. Mandy is by for the most wonderful time I have ever had. I was soo impressed with the 1 hour massage I had received from Mandy I recently had to go back for a 90 min massage. After what felt like only moments getting re-aquainted with one another and talking and whispering with one another I realized 90 min would not be nearly enough time. My 90 minute massage now became a 2 hour massage. I thought I had experienced bliss the first time I was with Mandy that was a pale comparison to what I experienced the second time around. I have never felt so lost in time before. I wish I could win the lottery so I can spend an entire shift with this woman! I have only one small warning to you gentlemen out there. Be very careful when booking with Mandy you may find your self snared in her Siren presence, lost to the beauty and charisma that she exudes and never wanting to find your way back! As I have said I do rarely if ever give recommendations, let this re-affirm any doubts you may have in the reviews I have given above, and beware the Sirens call!!!
  8. Evenings are always nice that way you can relax after a hard day at work ;)
  9. If there are any ladies with eastern european accents or aussie accents id love to get a pm thanks! Or if any members know of anyone in the ottawa area.
  10. I haven't been one to post much or make many comments on this board as I like my privacy! I have to agree with you whole heartedly as someone who works hard for his money. I only want to spend time with the best. There are really only two women I see on a regular basis ever one I will keep to myself ;). The other is Gina! Absolute 5 stars everytime!!!
  11. Hmmmm, I'm starting to think maybe I should look into this RMT side business, I have pretty strong hands after working in the construction industry. Sounds like you have a great time wherever you go ;)
  12. Hello Everyone, This is my first time to post a thread thought I'd give it a shot. With the winter season upon us, I was curious as to what people's favorite activities were to beat the cold. One of my favorite ones is to go out for several hours on my snowmobile and come back and make a roaring fire to sit down in front of with a lovely lady and sip on a nice bourbon or hot chocolate with bailey's. I hope that everyone can enjoy the winter season and has a sexy sensual women to snuggle up with. If not there are many here on cerb. You know who you are ;) Merry Christmas!
  13. I was down in Daytona Beach a few times for spring breaks during my youth, great place to party. I was down for the second time and was starting to get a little better at getting to know when I girl was interested or not. Unfortunately for me I was drinking quite a bit and this one girl came on to me several times during the week and I completely blew her off not realizing what she wanted. Lucky for me on my second last night there I snuck down to the beach after hours and she was just finishing up in the beach shower with a female friend of hers fooling around. She was a little embarrassed at first and saw who I was and asking what I was staring at after blowing her off several times that week. Being sober this time I quickly corrected my behavior with the lovely lady. Long story short her, her attractive friend, a secluded beach location, and nothing but time. If you've ever heard the expression " it's not about the size of the boat, it's about the motion of the ocean" let me tell you motion of the ocean definately a sexy feeling, don't have foreplay on a beach you get sand in places you didn't know you had :S All in All best and first 3- some I've had so far! Cheers
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