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  1. That happens when you respond to 17 year old posts.
  2. Lyla was trending that way long before the pandemic, for a variety of reasons.
  3. Psy op, that's funny in a sad and disturbing way. Better get used to the masks though, they're about to be made mandatory in all indoor locations in Ottawa. Pigales will have to be your safe haven.
  4. No way I would ever give personal information to a club, whether they promised to delete it or not. Nor would I ever go to a place like that where I'd meet other clients. It sounds like a poor man's Brass Club to me, where you don't really have to give them personal information when you sign up and you don't encounter other clients. I think strip clubs are simply a dying venue, much like peep shows and adult theater before them.
  5. I'm looking for an encounter that would at least start with lap dances, and possibly go beyond that to a MA-type experience. Not sure if I want to go that way or not, but I'd like the option. Anyone do this? I'm not looking for anything on the cheap, standard MA costs are fine.
  6. Had a great time with Chloe today. GFE and fun to be around, highly recommended.
  7. I saw Chloe and Lana today for a spectacular session at the Brass Club. It was my first training duo, but I'll definitely keep my eyes open for more. Both Lana and Chloe were great, I left with a smile on my face. Highly recommended.
  8. Had a great time with Lilith. Great kisser, very sensual GFE experience. Love her eyes too. Highly recommended.
  9. Saw Hope today, had a great time. Highly recommended.
  10. I had a great session with Mia today. Perfect way to start the year - everything about my hour with her was superb. Highly recommended.
  11. I had the pleasure of an hour with Belle today. Great session, she's sexy as can be and fun to talk to as well. She works well with her hands as well as the excellent body slides. Definitely recommended.
  12. I had a wonderful hour with Irina Adler today. She's sexy, sensual and a great time from start to finish. Fun to talk to as well as everything else, which goes a long way with me. Highly recommended.
  13. Had the pleasure of seeing Jackie today. She's a beautiful woman, and very sweet and easy to talk to. I had a great time - she has a nice touch and there was lots of kissing and body slides. I will definitely be back again for more.
  14. I had the pleasure of seeing Avah for one of CMJ's "introduction" sessions last week. It was the first of those I've done, and I enjoyed getting to know her a bit and discussing our likes and dislikes. She's a beautiful woman, and very friendly. I didn't have time to go onto a massage, but I'm looking forward to doing so ASAP.
  15. I saw April today at Vibe. She's a true GFE provider, very sensual (within MA limits). Very friendly as well, fun to talk to as well as touch. I will definitely be back for more.
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