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  1. I went to visit Scarlett at BC. Beautiful smile, lovely skin. Not a spinner, but that's not an issue. She was very sweet and we had a nice conversation. Not only was the ending great, but she gave a great massage too! My recommendation for Scarlett at Brass Club. I found parking right out front as it was evening. A quick buzz and I'm whisked up the elevator to a wonderful place full of scantily clad young women. I'm greeted and shown to the bar (after checking with me and another gentleman at the bar that we are OK seeing another client) and served a cold beer. I'm greeted at the bar by Scarlett, a dark haired green eyed beauty with a sweet smile. She greets me with a wonderful warm hug and a sweet tender kiss from the most perfect pink lips. Her warm smile and quick wit are followed by a delightful giggle that instantly put me at ease. We shared a drink and a few laughs before being shown to the Brass Room with its king sized bed and huge double shower. Once the door closed I was smothered by delicious kisses in her warm embrace. I eventually disengaged and stepped back to really look at this beautiful woman. Long wavy dark hair. Big green eyes with a touch of blue at the edges and a little splash of brown in the right one. A big genuine smile and a quick shy bat of eyelashes when she realizes I'm looking. She's wearing a black and red strappy piece that contrasts pale white skin. She permits me to remove this garment before we step into the shower, revealing soft curves of breast topped by perfect pink nipples. We step into the warm shower and I get to explore those delicious curves. Her giggle and her warm embrace easing my tension. We move to the big bed and she smothers me with kisses before laying me down on the bed and starting a nice relaxing massage. She started gently but checked in with me and increased pressure as I liked in the spots where I needed it. More kisses sprinkled throughout the massage and then on to sexy body slides. Her curves and breasts felt great and she loved the effect it had on me. She loves to tease and have fun, a delightful mix of teasing and giggles. Now I have some other urges and kinks I like to explore, and Scarlett embraced my requests. This lady is a switch and can indulge you one either side of the kinky spectrum. Seeing her pale curvy bottom reddening under my hands felt wonderful and excited both of us. I had my turn massaging her soft pale skin and wonderful curves - made more interesting with a blindfold and nifty restraints she brought to the party. She seemed to enjoy my touch as evidenced by delightful gasps and moans with a rather juicy conclusion. She then turned her attention back to me and teased me to a powerful conclusion. Finally we got up to have another turn in the huge double shower - after a quick pause on the floor for her to get her shaky legs working again - then more slippery fun and kisses as we cleaned up. Scarlett made me feel a delightful combination of intimacy and hot powerful sexiness. I had a great time and I think you will too.
  2. Lots of options for that. I've seen the ladies @TheBrassClub taking big wooden bowls of heated nuru gel into the rooms for those that go that route. Slippery fun!
  3. Nooooo - that will get you banned. Yes you might have good motives but these ladies don't use their real names for a reason. Forget you know her real name. Never mention it or ask - they have too much risk from creeps out there. Just start going through the web sites of the establishments and looking at the ladies - see if you recognize her. It could be tough because you don't see their face but... If you have guess as to her age / hair color / height / measurements can help you narrow down the list. Many of the spas have such things listed. Or there is the fun way. Pick a club and start meeting ladies. :) You can meet ladies other than the one you session with at Brass club at the bar before or after a session. CMJ also has parties a few times a year where you can meet a bunch of the ladies and see if you recognize her.
  4. Contact Club Madellyn Jae. They have a couple of male MAs on staff over there that cater to cuckold and hotwife sessions, either just with them or duos with a lady MA. The link is top of the sponsors list to the right of this post. :)
  5. Lots and lots of options for that. It's far easier to find a lady to top than bottom. You don't even need independent for that, plenty of options at spas. But the lady that comes to mind straight away is @AerisBlue http://raveblue25.wixsite.com/aerisblue She was an MA at CMJ but has gone independent and femdom is her specialty and it's obvious she's into it.
  6. Wow. I can't even... just stop. Stop blaming women for your problems. I won't even address the idiocy of blaming women for the world's problems when the world is and has been run by men exclusively. As a white male I understand the privilege I was born into. If that makes me "whipped" in your eyes then that is a great compliment. Call me a whipped self sacrificing idiot who actually respects women and sees them as human beings. Please.
  7. I think it's been made pretty clear that if you want erotic massage you won't get it at that place. If it really is your first time and you want erotic massage - try a can't-lose option like Brass Club or CMJ if it's closer.
  8. Others have talked about what you can do to (cleanliness, be polite, etc.) so I'll just add one more suggestion. Look at how the ladies present themselves. I look at their twitter profiles - ladies that advertise as "GFE" (girlfriend experience) and "intimate" are a good bet. It will always depend on your connection with the lady, your cleanliness, your attitude and how polite you are. Asking for consent is very important. Also... and from your message I don't think you would do this, don't ask for services not on the menu or prohibited at the club or parlour. Pushing for services beyond what a lady offers is rude and will ruin whatever connection or chemistry you might have with her.
  9. I enjoyed a very pleasant part of an afternoon at Brass and the curtain helped a LOT. Instead of being confined to the bar, or having to jump up and sit at the bar behind the little wall when a gent comes up the elevator, I lounged on the leather couches with a bevy of amazing ladies. Lilith, Angel, Paris, Aria, London, Annika, Blake, Cadence, and more I've forgotten. And don't forget the beautiful and welcoming Jessica herself - what a vision to be greeted by her bright smile, offered a hot or cold beverage, and of course she keeps me in cold beverages and lunch. In addition to the tasteful and perfectly placed curtain, Jess has had some more black tile added to reception and to the front of the bar itself. It looks very good - super classy. A mind-melting experience with the gorgeous and talented Lilith followed by a yummy sandwich served with potato salad and a pickle plus a couple of ice cold beer all while surrounded by the most amazing, funny, sexy women. It's heaven. Lunch works for me but many of you can do dinner instead. Tell whoever that you have to work late - don't fight the traffic - have a sandwich and a drink and let a gorgeous lady relax you. I think you owe it to yourself.
  10. I have only tried one - with MAs. Now part of the reason is that I had talked to two of three ladies who are friends and house mates. And... and this is the key - they are true bisexual people. So I took the opportunity to take advantage of a training duo. Now with the pair of wonderful ladies I saw, the new lady and I were the focus and the more experienced young woman participated/guided/helped. It was very interesting because these two women actually enjoy each other sexually. I mostly like to spend time with just one lady, but it was still a great experience. Some day I'll try it with SPs - but the key is to find SPs that are actually into each other sexually. I know of some - have some in mind - but I'm in no rush. Agreed with Prufrock - it's mainly intimacy I'm looking for and that's a 1-1 thing with me mainly. I'll dabble and play with a 3 some but it's different. Wonderful, exciting, and fun, but not the intimate connection I look for most of the time. Both are fantasy - but one is a different kind of fantasy.
  11. I met crystal, she came up behind me and purred in my ear and called me papi. /swoon. Great lady, we had fun. :)
  12. Yay - can't wait for the curtain to be installed! I'm sure it's busier in the evenings sometimes. During the days management is always careful to maintain privacy. It will be really nice to be able to lounge on the couches with the wonderful Brass staff without having to jump up and be around the wall at the bar whenever a gentleman comes up.
  13. I saw a note that they are closing Aqua so "ALO" isn't all that meaningful at this point.
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