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  1. I believe you'd want to be doing this with a gal that you have really click with and have a rapport with. When you have a good, and fun relationship with the lady, then it just boils down to communication. You can tell her the destination and what you have in mind for your time together, and go from there. It may help to arrange a few outings or activities you can share outside her incall...theatre, spa, concert/sports event, gym/yoga etc. If she wants to go, she'll indicate that, and then you can discuss her rate and any expenses. Whatever she says is the amount though....it is then up to you to agree or move on. You might, however, be very pleasantly surprised :-)
  2. Ok...I'm thinking somebody here may have researched the efficacy of this treatment which is advertised for ED. Any info? Suggestions? Warnings? Recos? Always looking for an edge as age creeps up ;-)
  3. Sorry, but 2B2 did preface his post with "Do Not Understand", and I think was just offerring some courtesy help. I too dont understand the "strip club handicap" theory, so happy for some elaboration
  4. Anything, and everything can happen. I had a rendez vous scheduled with a gal, who like you, I have a connection with. It was for Feb 26th...she was making a special lunch..lots of "cant wait...",and " looking forward to..." etc, and then nothing...no show, no calls, no messages, no whatsapp since...until 2 days ago. We had a coffee yesterday, and wow...it was quite a story, some of which I knew was in her future, and I was away for part of March too, but truly, she was without her phone and busy with a different and important project. When she got her phone back, and her "contacts" reappeared she was happy to hear from me, and we'll see each other again.
  5. You could ask Mary Angel... https://ottawa.craigslist.ca/ths/5918038300.html I asked her about back waxing...and a friend had a pedicure even... She has credentials and has been reviewed positively.
  6. She is a very fit and pretty lady. A great experience. She does not want reviews.
  7. Jessica is more breathtaking than even I recall, and memories of our get togethers are imprinted there forever, so... The BRASS CLUB is first class! The Wingman Special is a great idea. A few of us headed there yesterday afternoon, and enjoyed some fun, a few drinks, socializing and conversations with the tantalizing ladies at the bar for a bit, and then adjourned for some one on one fun in the beautifully appointed rooms (Thanks Jess for that special upgrade ;-) ) A great idea, and good fun for a few guys, or a group who feel like having a more social experience to heighten the enjoyment level of a visit to the Brass Club. Totally recommended !
  8. She's wonderful. You will enjoy time spent with Alison @ Bliss...or any ALO location.
  9. Me too! Also with repeat, but the MA boundaries were, of course, abandoned. That was a treat for sure. Why put limits on "fun"?
  10. MPs' have a different set of legal issues to navigate as well as internal staffing issues that could arise over "extra" extras Indy Mas' are possibly something for you to explore....and of course SPs are advertising here, and some will offer a massage if you want to incorporate that in your time
  11. I was noting this thread, but was watching the convention before I really fixed my opinion. Yes, like the OP, I believe Hilary is crooked, a liar and extremely corrupt, and not much is likely able to change that, as it is what it is. After watching the convention, hearing out Trumps' family , friends, some very high profile business leaders, clergy, law enforcement people etc talking about him, I hear and believe I see a different side of Trump. I listened to his entire speech last night....well done Donald! I believe him to be sincere in his goal and he will do his best to "Make America Great Again"...great speech, as it outlined his priorities, promises, and detailed the Obama/Clinton/Clinton failings. He is blunt for some peoples liking...he isn't going to be PC...doesn't have to be.
  12. Tall? Short? Spinner?full figured? young? mature? blonde? brunette? red head?blue eyes? brown eyes? Who do you want it to be?
  13. I put myself in Jessicas' hands today, surprise ME!What a pleasant surprise that she sent in Laila. Laila is a young, happy, easygoing, fun loving girl and she makes you want to be part of that. Very cute with creamy skin...very fit, and a beautiful behind. We had a long shower that allowed us to get to know each other very well...could've just stayed in there, but we thought we'd make use of the oversized bed/ table in the room....the room is great...the showers at BBC are amazing....and Laila was a total breath of fresh air. I felt like a t e e n a g e r again.;-) What a treat!
  14. Julie Dreamgirl @ The Brass Club I have been interested in this lady... Can someone please translate this reco into English? Thanks Je fus accueilli par la charmante et jolie Jessica . Tout de suite on me présente la chambre VIP. Je prend une douche et voila que je recois Julie avec moi...Beau sourire, belle jeune femme, gros calin, ça commençait très bien. Elle a tout fait pour que j'apprécie ma rencontre, et j'ai apprécié. Quelle belle rencontre! J'ai adoré, son service, sa gentillesse et naturellement son corps, avec un intérêt particulier pour ces seins. Si j'étais du genre à donner des notes, elles auraient été très élevées. Merci Julie avec une telle rencontre, impossible de ne pas se revoir très bientôt.
  15. I'm on both too, and for the same reasons as you. I'd pay no attention to it as I believe too, that it is an isolated incident.
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