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    I am an attached, married professional who is not as active in the hobby as I once was. That said I play when the opportunity presents itself and the interest is there. I definitely enjoy the company of a lady who is into Pegging. Please message me if you have questions or just to say hello.
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    Outside Charlottetown but not too far
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    Attached, professional here who used to be much more active than I currently am. Message for more.

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  1. stevecurious

    No more bp, where to go?

    Sure do know of another site...this one (Lyla.com).
  2. stevecurious

    This is an amazingly sexy pic. Sierra
  3. stevecurious

    Alexis French pizap.com14943730717761

    Very sexy photo, thank you for sharing it.
  4. stevecurious

    Nayomie in Moncton?

    Perhaps you would post this or another recommendation in the reco. area.
  5. stevecurious

    Very tempting
  6. stevecurious

    Great view!
  7. stevecurious

    Elissa In pei

    Nope, this board isn't for things like that. You should flag the post, as I just did, so Mod can deal with it.
  8. stevecurious


    Very sexy, thanks for sharing.
  9. stevecurious

    Sexy brunette looking for some fun!! on CL

    Not sure as to which ad you are referring to, it would be helpful if you provided a link. As far as the "weird" aspect goes...if you have to ask that you probably already know the answer.
  10. stevecurious


    Just had a thought. Let's reverse the situation and ask the same question. Would you as a client, who I assume values discretion, send a picture of your face to a complete stranger who may or may not end up meeting you? Be sure to send a pic. everytime you get asked to!
  11. stevecurious


    Wouldn't the pics. on their profile/website/ad be enough?
  12. stevecurious

    Has anyone seen her?

    You might want to do a TinEye or Google search on those pics. of "hers."
  13. stevecurious

    Sexy to be sure.
  14. stevecurious

    Very attractive and quite sexy!
  15. stevecurious

    Great pic.! I love natural photos like this.