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  1. Just saw Sarah tonight and was entranced from the moment the door opened to the moment I left after a wonderful time with an amazing lady. Amazing skills, beautiful body, a mischievious mind that pushes in new directions sexually you might never otherwise try, but most of all, an intelligent and interesting person to talk to and just spend time with- I lost track of time to the extent that I did not want our appointment to end and I ended up paying for an extra hour and it was well worth it for the wonderful time I had- I plan to repeat and whole-heartedly recommend this ravishing woman.
  2. Just curious if a) there is a famale market out there for male massage providers, and b) do they need to be extremely handsome to get business? As an average looking guy who has been received a number of good reviews from those who have received masssges from me, I wonder if it is a possible money making endeavour for me?
  3. They say truth is stranger than fiction, but Donny Darko is even stranger than that...
  4. Just curious from both the men and women- good, bad, freaky? Done it a few times myself and found it made things more sensitive but it also itched like a mf'er when it started growing back in. So, how does everyone else feel?
  5. Sorry, I looked but never seen or heard of before... no phone # listed, try emailing her to get a feel for her maybe?
  6. Having been on the receiving end of your oral skills all I can say is... GotDammit!!!!
  7. Just wanted to chime in- went to see this amazing lady tonight and it was by far the two most enjoyable hours I have had in a while. From the meeting at the door to the wonderful ambience of her space I was immediately at ease. And then the actual activities started!! I will not claim to be a gentleman but, I do believe all specifics of an encounter should remain between the participants so I will only say this- a massage well worth your time and abundant extra reasons to stay longer... PS: Okay, one small thing- she managed to light up my nerve endings like Canada Day Fireworks :)
  8. I want to start by thanking the other posters on here that recommended Chelsea- it was the strength of those recommendations that helped me make up my mind to go see her. Now, to the show- I went to see Chelsea tonight at her (I believe new) location, a very nice condo in a very nice building- bit of travel for me as I lack vehicle but well worth it. To start, her pictures don't do her justice- she is amazing. Secondly, her personality makes you feel extremely welcome in her bed, and her body and skills makes you grateful to be there. I highly recommend her and the next time I feel the urge to see someone I have a very strong feeling that it will be her. Definitely will repeat. YMMV.
  9. Rassilon, did you decide to see her, and if so, how was she? Thanks in advance.
  10. Depends on the SP I guess- some include BBBJ, DATY, MSOG, etc.- others just seem to think it means cuddling and not kicking you out/leaving as soon as you cum.
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