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  1. Julie St Clair (http://julie-stclair.com/). You can thank me later! ;)
  2. Julie St. Clair is one to check out. Saw her a while ago, and now itching to get back to see her. She is in the Square One area of Mississauga. http://julie-stclair.com/
  3. Laura/Nadia is an Indy MP near King and Spadina that I have heard good things about and is on my TDL for my next trip to TO.
  4. Hands down, Orient Beach in St. Martin. :)
  5. Saw Gina last May when she was indy, and had a fan-freaking-tastic time. Booked for 90 min and the time just flew by - wished I booked for longer, that's how great she was. Alas, I am not from Ottawa, and not sure when I'll get back. Gina, if you're reading this, PLEASE plan a tour in Toronto so some of your fans here can enjoy the pleasure of your company. Laser1 ---- smooooth operator ----
  6. I've been to Ambition about 12 times in the last year. Here's what I can tell you... the room rate is $40/30 min; $60/45 min; $80/60 min; $120/90 min and $160/120 min. "Tipping" depends on the service... for a 30 min session it is $40 for N, $60 for NR, $80 for BS. This rate doubles for every 30 min (i.e. a 1 hr session would be double these prices). So, a 30 min BS is $120 all in, which is my normal session length.
  7. Laser1

    Hey Johnny... Purrrfect indeed, and even more so in person! :D
  8. Laser1

    Hey, those shoes look familiar! They bring back very nice memories!
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