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  1. I was busted for having an account. I actually had it while I was single. Met my wife, closed the account. Years later it came to haunt me. Wife is probably leaving me now, despite the fact I haven't been on it in years. Karma is a bitch I suppose.
  2. Try looking along bank street. It's maybe a block of two away. Short walk. A few asian massage places there. Happy hunting!
  3. Was lifting at the gym today when I felt something in my back pop. My left side has been all screwed up and cramping hard since..... :|
  4. Hey all!! It's been quite some time since I've been to a SC, but with plans to go soon..I was wondering if anyone remembers Maude from Barbs and if they know where she currently dances!?
  5. Please delete. Wrong section. Sorry!
  6. I can't say I've ever done that driving personally. I have pulled over to the side of a back road to get it on with a lady on more than a few times. Same with Road head, I've gotten it but just couldn't concentrate enough to enjoy it.
  7. I think every Canadian should have the right to vote regardless of what there status is. Regardless of where they live or who they pay taxes too. That includes prisoners. There are certain freedoms that we are afforded in Canada, this is one one of those few.
  8. PhantomKnight


    Wow....so this is what love feels like. Haha
  9. I could see that. I know a beautiful lady who is in the industry, we are friends and I've warned to see her for the longest time. If you've got those boundaries, then you have to follow them! :)
  10. I'd try it. He'll try almost everything once right! I wouldn't stick with it. There's nothing in the world like making that special connection with a beautiful, intelligent woman. No robot could produce that sex appeal, that feeling of attraction and that animal instinct like a woman could.
  11. PhantomKnight

    Drop dead Gorgeous. Wow!!!
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