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    I am a mature escort with a youthful appearance, a very sensual demeanor and gifted with the ability to put my lovers at ease instants after we meet. If you are searching for a mature experienced woman, you are in the right place... Hope to feel you very soon! xoxox
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  1. Bring a good "teddy bear" to warm you up!... Sex on a block of ice is just.... wow! amazingly ice melting! :icon_lol:
  2. Victoria, Very, very enjoyable... lot's of partying going on! But this year, I am going (2nd time) to the Red Bull Crashed Ice. Another good event in Quebec City! One advise... book your hotel early sweety! :icon_wink: Have fun and enjoy! Athana dos Santos
  3. Mon dieu... 4500 posts!! Congratulations to Pete with his "Pistol"!! hihihi! Kissexxx; Athana xoxox
  4. Got an idea! Maybe add "Content of this album or thread is not appropriate for sensitive viewers" to some albums or threads. It would prevent some people being shocked when viewing some pictures.
  5. First of all, I'll quote mm99, because why are some people here concerned about some pictures taken from me dressed as a nun? It shocks your "religious" eyes? wow!! How many here are hiding from their wifes and/or bosses looking at this site? or cheating on them? Isn't that disrepect to the 10 commandments? So?!... Many, and I mean many men/clients have a fetish for this, so I'm just catering to this fetish! Anything bad in this? It's not like I'm going to show up in church this Sunday dressed like that! Think about like if we would be Hollywood actors in a Nun role... not much more than that! Ladies, in the eyes of the church we are sinners and we will go to hell... so please spare me the "disrespect" word. In a few words: It's just a Roleplay that some gentlemen like and a part of this "business"... who am I to refuse "business"? May God bless you all... sinners!! ;-P Athana xoxox PS: Thank you (you know who you are) for pointing out this thread, I had completely missed it... too busy "confessing"! hahaha (joke) Additional Comments: Voila... it's not so complicated to understand!
  6. When was the last time you got "confessed" Rachelle?... I would love to "confess" you!! [insert wink & big smile] hihihihi Thanks Rachelle! Athana xoxox
  7. ... Thank You very much EVERYBODY!!! WoW... [blushing] I really had a good day... lots of naughtyness!! Thanks again all of you!! BIG Kissexxx to you all!! Athana xoxox
  8. You can eat some French fries, lollll or other stuff! :69: Lots to see here hun! Depends on the time of day!
  9. First off, you must be confortable in doing it. If the thought of doing it grosses you out, just don't. Second, while doing it, you must be gentle or you might hurt your partner. Third, lots of practice my dear. :fes:
  10. I offer as well prostate massage. :butt: If it's your first time, you must choose well your SP. I well done massage can give you lost of pleasure.
  11. I'm no one to judge, the reasons why someone would look for an SP that is willing to "party", but it is a bit shocking to most of us. Occassionally, I have proposals like this and I'm proud to say, that I decline ALL of them. I'm not a "party" girl. I never touched drugs in my life and don't intend to start now, even for money. However, I don't judge people that use that kind of substance, because it's really not my place to do so, as long it's not around me. I really don't think that any SP, will come on this thread and say: "I do party!" Like geo007 said, you will probably have more PMs about it. If the day comes that I have to use a subtance like that to work, I will definitely quit escorting. I strongly believe that I can offer my 100% during a nice rendez-vous with a gentleman, when my head, body and soul are there. I wouldn't want to miss all the fun! :boobies:
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