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  1. Boomer

    Best VPN?

    I use NordVPN, has a good rep and found it very cheap as I paid for three years $2.99 a month.
  2. Many years ago I had the doctor tack down a similar tear using a laser and found it was quick and painless, done in his office, and forestalled continued deterioration. Eye care has come a long way, hope you have a similar positive outcome.
  3. The conservatives i.e. Ford and co are great about bitching about doing something for the environment, but don't seem able or willing to come up with an alternative solution. The majority of people will be getting back most or all of their carbon tax contribution.
  4. I just got a new OnePlus6T phone, couldn't get one locally so had to order it online. Shipping was free, it was sent from California and arrived the next day. It's a Chinese brand ( they are really building some great phones these days ) with great specs and I'm really impressed with it. One positive is that it supports dual sims, so when I travel I only need to carry one phone.
  5. And you also get the complainers suggesting that the software isn't right because it over road their do not disturb setting, my suggestion is if they don't want to be disturbed at night just turn the phone off.
  6. Boomer

    highlights of the day

    Interestingly I had to have a colonoscipy the year following my wife's death. As they had given me Demirol on a prior occasion to lessen the discomfort during the procedure, it was necessary that I had someone to get me home following the procedure. On this occasion I showed up by my self so was given several options, I chose to go ahead "sans drugs" not wanting to go through the cleansing preparations again. It's kind of like getting dental work without being frozen. Better be safe than sorry. Ouch !!!
  7. New email this morning, they informed me there was a self assessment done and they had $335 to refund me. Just had to log in to the CRA portal, link included and have you debit/credit card available.
  8. I sympathize, my mum also suffered with dementia. She fell and fractured her hip and the doctor wanted to operate, it took a lot of persuading to get them to withdraw treatment and allow her a palliative death. It was a relief when she passed away and was free from suffering.
  9. I do have a Seiko SARB 065, a very pretty cocktail time, and it's a JDL. I got it through Island Watch, and I see he'll sell modified Seikos to your specs, new crystal, hands, and bracelet. Only problem is it's in US currency.
  10. Boomer

    Sexy TV Shows

    Just finished an interesting but quirky series called Sex Education. It's an original Netflix offering, a pretty open story about high school students learning about sex.
  11. Bought an automatic divers watch, Orient makes fairly good quality watches at very reasonable prices. This brand is under the same corporation as Seiko.
  12. Boomer

    Any MA close to TD place

    ALO has the Loft which isn't any futher than Brass or CMJ, on Bronson.
  13. I don't think they are trying to sweep it under the rug. It is an issue that is sensitive to the electorate, and for political reasons can only be addressed early in a mandate, so if it get addressed it's only if he's elected to a new majority term, which I think is quite possible.
  14. I've had one for close to 50 years and can't remember any complaints, but it's clean and pretty soft.
  15. Having a nice glass of scotch, sitting in front of a nice fire in the fireplace on this dreary day.