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  1. I have to agree with Greentreal. I'm elderly and considered a person at risk, but I see a limited number of ladies that I trust. Yes, I accept that there is risk, but I try to be informed and am careful but accept what I consider my risk tolerance. My feeling is this industry will not fully recovery to any semblance of normalcy for 1-2 years. During that time it really depend on the testing/tracking protocols and the treatment options that evolve. Until there is a vaccine that has a wide distribution nothing will be the same, and this thing may be with us forever if they need a new vaccine every year as it mutates, just like the flu.
  2. I saw a fun little series of movies on Youtube. These were light humour called The Booze Cruise I , II and III
  3. It's rare that series can maintain and sustain high quality after a few years. I am watching two that are in their third season. The first is "The Crown", which was very good after changing lead actors with the shift of generations. I believe the fourth season is in the can, looking forward to it. The second is "Fauda" , a gritty series unusual for being produced in the middle east and addressing the Isreal/Palestinian issue.
  4. Made a few donations, but have been saving. Corona put off some house renovations, rather than using credit, think I may pay for them cash when things get back to normal.
  5. In case of Viagra, I suspect it's been over for sometime as I've been getting a generic for a few years
  6. Good for you, set an example for all of us.
  7. By email, as I was also suspicious, and I called the toll free number on the back of the card to be sure it was legitimate. They put me in touch with the fraud people immediately.
  8. Getting an email today from the bank saying my credit card was compromised. I must say I give the issuer a pat on the back for recognizing the problem so quickly. Have to wait until next week to get the replacement. I will note that I keep my card in a rfid sleeve in my wallet, so it probably happened at a vendor terminal.
  9. Boomer

    Enjoy daty?

    It gives me pleasure to see my partners enjoyment when I make the effort to satisfy her.
  10. I'm presently down south. Was at the Bestbuy today so picked up half a dozen sensors and the like for my Samsung hub of things, selection is great in the automate your home section. Don't seem to be stocked at home but have to be ordered on line. My intent is eventually drop my alarm system provider in favour of having it all on my phone.
  11. You use the term “privacy as we know it”. My view is that privacy in this day and age is an illusion, we’ve long since given it up. As far as face recognition goes, I suspect that it isn’t too hard to find freely available face recognition software. As far as any government agencies, you’re on file for your passport, drivers licence and medical card. Generally commercially we give up our data and pictures when we sign up for an email or social media account that has an opt out clause which most people accept instead of opt in by default.
  12. Boomer

    Guide to TOFTT

    I agree with Sophia, she has been on here for many years and with exemplier reputation and history, should not need to answer a questionnaire.
  13. You see a lot of interesting body art in this industry which is rather intriquing, and must say I've always wondered about having a small one done. I came across a tv show which does brief cameos of various innovative Canadian tattoo artists. The show is called "Art Hurts", and can be found on the CBC online service GEM. Might want to take a look
  14. Just finished a kitchen reno, had to purchase a new stove and dish washer.
  15. Might want to take a look at Freya Woods, nice discrete location in the west end. She's on LL and twitter/