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  1. Hi Vicky I’ve used YiYi and 353 Provencher who both direct bill to Blue Cross , haven’t been to YiYi on east side of city for awhile, but was at 353 Provencher a few days ago
  2. Sarah on Gateway gives good massage . Asian lady and direct Bill's insurance
  3. I text her today rates 40 for 30 , 60 for 60 and 90 for 90 cash 0nly no idea on extras
  4. Yep you said it well Spraycan, I've gone to a massage place 3 or 4 times, before we've got to second base. Forming a friendly relationship and being very polite and caring , works wonders. I've never tried this with an RMT as they have very much to lose and I'm sure they would not appreciate it as well.
  5. The accidental or on purpose light brushing and the ongoing building of a relationship with the massage person. Very exciting as each visit builds more and more. Great times !
  6. Yep, used to go to her , great gal, loved when she had the tub. She used to do lots of sugaring and hair removal on the guys. Brought back some good memories.
  7. Get a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home. I work evenings and weekends. You will not be disappointed. Please text your name & phone number to Jennifer, this is on KJ anyone try her yet ? Thanks
  8. Anyone been lately, or for the Sunday half off deal, thinking and hoping time permits to go this weekend. Thanks T
  9. I thought maybe it was same wording as the website I guess with the new gal working they need to drum up more business . Thanks
  10. Just wondering if anyone has phoned the new ad on kj with the very good rate like south p for massage ?
  11. Was wondering if Selkirk has any good massage Ladies, that have H E . Thanks
  12. Yes me too, love to try her out if anyone has been,let us know. Thanks
  13. Kristin will come to your door, excellent massage RMT with reciepts,Massage therapy in your home! Registered female massage therapist doing mobile massage therapy. I bring the massage table, sheets etc. All you need to do is put on your choice of music and relax. My massage style is Swedish I can do relaxation, therapeutic or deep tissue massage. I have been practicing massage for almost 4 years now and can adapt to many different pressures etc. I am available days, evenings and weekends. My rates are 45$ for 30 minutes, 70$ for 60 minutes and 95$ for 90 minutes. I do provide receipts for insurance. I frequently check my email so if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment feel free to message me. I look forward to hearing from you! " This Ladies ad is on K J "
  14. Been wondering the same, beautiful models, love to find out if they are for real.
  15. Looks like she's gone, oh well , could have been interesting.
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