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  1. Yes Guillermo, this is Cindy that used to work at 841 Henderson. She made the ad on Autmnview, but has a place in a newer condo in the basement on John Angus.
  2. Tulip is Victoria formerly from 832 corydon and Phoenix on main st. early 30’s ok to look at, not a bbw but a bit on the chubby side. Not my type, but everyone enjoys a certain flavour.
  3. I’ve spoken with her on the phone. She doesn’t like to text. The 2 hours includes a meet and greet and assessment. So not a full 2 hours of hands. She seems like a legit RMT. Didn’t sound to me like a massage parlour lady. I have not seen her yet.
  4. He didn’t answer the first time he was asked. But if you read what he wrote you hopefully can figure it out. if you’re one of those guys that asks before the massage, I’m sure you’ve spent a lot of money.
  5. I saw her almost 2 years ago, she had a chipped tooth at the time and provided bbbj. Met me at door with nice hug and kiss and wandering hands. Okay looking. Prob closer to 50. Body still relatively tight for age. Tatted. She claimed she worked at Nevada’s as Dani, back in the day. ( I’d have no clue) lShe was very willing to please and not a rusher to get you out. Shower was available. I had a good time. For me if I was in the market for a SP I’d consider a repeat.
  6. Just a serious question. Has any mp responded with a “sure! I’ll give you a happy ending.” Takes a lot of balls or total lack of respect to ask that on first contact. I know a lot of people don’t like wasting their $ on not leaving happy, but that’s part of the system. And for many, ymmv. That means you may get more out of it than the next guy.
  7. You can add Sara to her list of names. Tonight she’s advertising that she’s at St. Anne’s and Niakwa. Same phone number.
  8. You are correct sir! Still at the same house.
  9. I just checked my text app to find 17 phone calls and 1 text at around 2am on Friday night. Not sure what her issue is, but if you accept an appointment and change it with rude demands like she did with little notice she shouldn’t expect me to be ready and willing jump at her beckon call. Never want to put a hate out on her, but hope she can treat others better.
  10. Okay, saw the ad and where it was located from and then I saw an unfamiliar number, so I texted. Sophie said she could see me at 5:15 today and she was located in St Vital. That had me wondering..... i asked for address she said Off St.Mary’s ( not St. Louis). I then realized it was Jackie, Victoria, Brenda and whatever other name she used before. So, at 4pm she calls my text app 9 times within 10minutes to say she would only be able to see me ASAP and not 5:15. She smartly has changed her text number from that 557-****. Stay away folks, she is not 100%.
  11. Yes, it is 832 Norte Dame. the ad is very similar in wording and offering receipts for rmt. Any ad with supermodel or actresses in them seem to be from this fine looking storefront!
  12. The women who don’t discuss tip beforehand understand that it kills the experience for many. Most customers want to feel good for a half or full hour. Even if no extra is provided, a tip is not just customary, it’s deserved for the effort put forth. The words clueless, ignorant and stupid come to mind. Which one describes you?
  13. Oneniter11, Think you are right it’s the 1900 block. Reviews have been pretty rare since Winnie left. some name changes like August and September, so this may be the same older woman trying to drum up guests. If it was Jenny from 3000 block Pembina, the ad would for sure be different.
  14. Met Lily last week. Never been to Ness, so I thought I’d try. She is 50+, zero English. She was nice. My massage was good, For me I didn’t notice rough hands, but they are tiny. Finished with about 10 mins left on the clock, so I used the infrared sauna after. Massage 7/10 Looks 5-6/10. if it was closer to me I would consider a repeat.
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