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  1. accuride

    Relaxation Massage - 841 Henderson

    I saw Betty yesterday, she has very short hair, and thin body, very little teasing, But i really enjoyed her massage, not too much oil and I like that on flip I was rock hard un-draped, I mentioned that she exited me, so she grabbed ahold and has very small hands and very soft hands, I will say she has a different style, She likes to work the head and shaft., twisting the head so gently, and working the shaft, Had a great finish, didnt ask for anything, i left 40 in the room under her phone, and 50 at the front counter,,,, the only downside is the room i found was a bit chilly,
  2. accuride

    Test Post

    quiet in calgary busy in winnipeg
  3. accuride

    forever massage

    I see the have an ad on kijiji today and they say there are 3 girls working there.
  4. accuride

    Phoenix on Main

    tr does not offer H E the girls are tole not to and the boss is there all the time, H usually is at the front desk, has glasses
  5. Has anyone tried out this new place? I have an appointment booked for today, Just curious what to expect?
  6. accuride

    Moonlight Studio

    haha thats funny stallion, maybe you were younger and now you are older then the ladys
  7. accuride

    East Indian Massage?

    as far as i know she moved to ontario, i often tried to get more from her always a no go, has she ever invited ant of you guys to her apartment
  8. accuride

    East Indian Massage?

    not sure if they are still offering massages there you would have to call
  9. accuride

    Moonlight Studio

    no she did not know a thing and her friend kept it to herself, went to see her a few times, she had an boyfriend as well, i knew him but not well
  10. accuride

    Moonlight Studio

    agnes yes thats a while ago, been there a few times, funny thing is i went there and saw my oladys best friend working there, i was shocked for sure, had to pick her, as i always had a thing for her lol, had a great time, went in the tub then a fantastic finish in the room
  11. accuride

    Any Intel on this girl ?

    no intel as of yet she looks good !!!
  12. accuride

    My last Visit

    i am in on that
  13. has anyone tried this, i have in toronto and it was the best experience i have ever had
  14. Don't need details. Just booked with her. Want to know if she is legit ?
  15. accuride

    World nail

    I was told anna is not working there anymore