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  1. Does Michelle still work there?
  2. Can anybody describe her looks? Or age?
  3. ashley has a tattoo on her lower back, another on her wrist and one more but I can't quite remember where. decent massage with a good finish.
  4. Dixie seems to be the go to for most.
  5. Look on BP, they have ads posted in therapeutic with phone a phone nbr. I called and no response, but judging by the answering machine it's the right place. http://winnipeg.backpage.com/TherapeuticMassage/cold-tired-and-sore/2658297
  6. Saw her a couple years ago at EB, had a positive experience. Didn't go full service or anything. Decent but soft massage and not too enthusiastic. I've had worse, but I've definitely had better! Would repeat again possibly if ���� was an option.
  7. Sent an email asking about her services from my pooning email, the person who responded was somebody who I know through friends. She is absolutely nuts. I don't think i'll want to visit her anytime soon. I would be very cautious here. She is somewhat attractive and younger, but definitely some screws loose there. In response to me asking which services she provides, the first thing she said was "I am not a ����". If other people post some positive reviews maybe I'll give it a shot eventually, but in the meantime I'll keep browsing.
  8. I was going to see this provider about 6 months ago. I was scared off when she started offering car services at VERY cheap prices at 4am (I was working nights)..... Not for me, but to each their own. Also 4-5 texts in a row is a bit much... especially that late at night.
  9. awesome! I'll check it out either thursday or friday, Until then if anybody can post any reviews or what she looks like it would be appreciated. Either way I'll give it a go later in the week when my schedule clears up!
  10. I have heard mixed things about this place. Is this Anna from world nail or Annie from Glabal J? Same person or different?
  11. Anybody see the ad? I can't seem to find it. If somebody could pm me contact info I'll go and post a review
  12. Any young thinner ladies working here? Younger as in 20's? I've seen leanne once I believe (she was the black lady if I remember correctly?) and she provided a great massage and I left happy. Can't seem to find anyone as good as Anna from world nail!
  13. I think everybody misses Anna.... Most asian providers are older and she was the only younger one. Hopefully she went indy and didn't retire!
  14. any info on what the MPs look like here? Appearance?
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