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  1. Any recommendations for a place to go that offers manscaping or waxing?
  2. I've seen Tina. Quite friendly. Decent massage. Not likely to repeat.... There is another new girl there. Nancy tells me has good experience with massage. Haven't met her yet. Don't recall the name.
  3. 800 block of Notre Dame. Not 832 Corydon. According to the article they began investigating in December regarding exploitation. Owners have been arrested. Not the girls, or customers.
  4. It is Joti/Simi. I texted the number. She works out of the back door of Healthtree on Sargent. They told me back door. Also said side door... Told them I wasn't interested as I had a less than positive experience with her once before. No response after that.
  5. Ok. Let's go with that... What is Cindy like?
  6. Kate is kinda tiny. Dresses funky. Very colourful. Always very friendly when I've been there. Often will ask if I want a 4 hand
  7. With Linda away, I've been thinking making an appointment with Kate... Anyone have any experience with her you'd care to share?
  8. I posted earlier. But it seems to have been removed. I'll post without the link.... Noticed this ad on K. First time seeing it. I texted. Had a quick response. Seems ligit. Reasonable rates. Just wondering if anyone has any info.
  9. I believe she's with Nancy at Thompson Dr. I saw Nancy there. Didn't see Betty, but Nancy told me she's with a Betty. And they Betty has worked at a number of places. They are good friends
  10. Sara is still there... I believe she went by Vanessa on Corydon. But don't really know. Never asked. And I haven't been to Corydon in over a year or more
  11. Standard... Won't go into more detail on the board
  12. Recently saw Vanessa at Broadway. Sometimes works at 649 Corydon. Mid 40's. Decent massage. Very pleasant lady. Kinda quiet but willing to chat. Has been doing massage for about a year. Esthetian before this. Quite happy with the session... I'd see her again.
  13. She told me that she'd be working with the ladies that are currently at 649
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