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  1. Sorry for this. Stay strong and determined. Kick ass.
  2. Mannnnn, been texting but no replies. Rate increase doesn’t bother me, I still give her a BUY rating.
  3. She is outstanding. Treat her right and the rest is bliss. Just posted my second recommendation for her.
  4. Repeat rec. Not sure I have ever given an SP two recs before. Saw this sweetie once again. The only thing I can recommend is to become a regular and earn her trust. She I is outstanding in all see does and the above comments are spot on. New digs for entertaining a select few. Includes pole dancing, lap dancing and bedroom fun. Can’t wait until the next special occasion. 5 stars.
  5. I want to keep her all to myself but know that ain’t the deal. Be extra good to her boys. She is a gem.
  6. Any of the yah sayers TOFTTyet and prove us nah sayers wrong? I don’t see any recommendations posted. Nor any warnings. So who knows? Pics are incredible.
  7. Anyone up for a party bus to Moncton this Saturday?
  8. True. Look like she has dissolved away. Maybe her next “first time visit” will be better.
  9. Perhaps I should have typed, red flags. Both start with an r. Close enough.
  10. Ripoff flags are flying.
  11. Two thumbs up. This girl got some talent!
  12. Just my opinion due to a prepaid incident that went nowhere for me. Dive in and report back if you are interested.
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