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  1. Fravie


    Any of the yah sayers TOFTTyet and prove us nah sayers wrong? I don’t see any recommendations posted. Nor any warnings. So who knows? Pics are incredible.
  2. Fravie

    Angie’s Moncton

    Anyone up for a party bus to Moncton this Saturday?
  3. Fravie


    True. Look like she has dissolved away. Maybe her next “first time visit” will be better.
  4. Fravie


    Perhaps I should have typed, red flags. Both start with an r. Close enough.
  5. Fravie


    Ripoff flags are flying.
  6. Fravie

    Angie’s Moncton

    Sounds like road trip time!
  7. Fravie

    Amanda Schmanda

    Two thumbs up. This girl got some talent!
  8. Fravie

    Krissy - LL

    Just my opinion due to a prepaid incident that went nowhere for me. Dive in and report back if you are interested.
  9. Fravie

    Juicy Jess?

    Agree with BD.
  10. Fravie

    Krissy - LL

    I would keep looking.
  11. Any info on https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_solos_duos_available_now-4236906
  12. Down town.. lord Nelson!
  13. Fravie

    Dawn in valley

    Avoid. Take a cold shower instead.
  14. With your looks, reading poetry will do the trick! Anything else is gravie. Totally agree.