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  1. Fravie

    Amanda Schmanda

    Two thumbs up. This girl got some talent!
  2. Fravie

    Krissy - LL

    Just my opinion due to a prepaid incident that went nowhere for me. Dive in and report back if you are interested.
  3. Fravie

    Juicy Jess?

    Agree with BD.
  4. Fravie

    Krissy - LL

    I would keep looking.
  5. Any info on https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_solos_duos_available_now-4236906
  6. Down town.. lord Nelson!
  7. Fravie

    Dawn in valley

    Avoid. Take a cold shower instead.
  8. With your looks, reading poetry will do the trick! Anything else is gravie. Totally agree.
  9. Fravie

    Halifax Playates

    You cannot go wrong. Always exceeded my expectations. I am overdue for posting a rec for Venus Reign. Absolutely outstanding. New ATF!
  10. Fravie

    Marlee on BP?

    Almost bit the bullet yesterday but she seemed too busy to want to bother. Flags and alarms started to fly as the wait prolonged. Not going to waste more time.
  11. Fravie

    VALENTINA halifax?

    I decided to take the plunge, so that we all could stop moaning. She wanted to meet in a parking lot (strange, flag alert) ... Said she would be 10 minutes late (flag alert). But I know that script. 10 turns to 30 as she says she is leaving, phone call, makeup issue, panty hose runner, curling iron broke, sister showed up (I am using previous b.s. of course). I had time to waste so I played the game. I left after 40 minutes. Yawn. I hope you all don't waste time.
  12. Fravie

    VALENTINA halifax?

    I just like to make you log in and read my moaning.
  13. Fravie

    VALENTINA halifax?

    Not yet apparently. Argh.
  14. Fravie

    VALENTINA halifax?

    Yes, add me to the list. I want to take the plunge.
  15. Hi there, I hope you enjoyed the new pics! Have an amazing week xox