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  1. I don’t know about the phone situation but I believe they work together. I have talked to Amber ( I have seen her a few times) about a duo with Freya. I would have no reservations booking with either. ML
  2. Had an opportunity to visit earlier today. It was an amazing visit. She is fairly new and not many recos so I thought I thought I would throw mine in… As mentioned in another post her English is not great but I know enough French to get by. If I did not know any French I would still visit Carolina. The International Language of Love will work really well. Great service, great booking great location. Did I mention great service … it was great. She is here for a few more days. Have fun Gentlemen.
  3. I’m neither young or fit and she made me feel amazing. treat her right you will be rewarded!!! ML
  4. I’m less worried about a name change…. more concerned about quality of service and if it’s the same as before. I have seen her many times and even reviewed her… just odd no one seems to have seen here recently or at least is not sharing…
  5. I am reluctant to use former names but she had a great following using a former name… it’s still attached to her public Leolist profile. I saw her quite a while ago many times I was just looking for more recent positive experiences… I can’t explain it but my spidey senses are tingling… an awful lot can happen in the span of a year or two to have an amazing experience turn into a poor one. I hate that I worry as much as I do. ML
  6. Anyone see her recently? She had quite a following and amazing reviews. Seems the board went dark with positive reviews.. just wondering if anyone can share a recent positive experience. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_naughty_angel_sqrt_the_sweetest_sin-7350205?source=list
  7. I also had an opportunity to spend time with Amber. She provided a great experience. Booking was easy, everything was relaxed and I left feeling wonderful. don’t miss out fellas.. ML
  8. So… you read the reviews and they are all quite flattering but holy fucking hell… the experience was more than I could have wished for. Really great chemistry, super comfortable, and outstanding service… she’s a pleaser that’s for sure.. really into it. Treat her well and respect her she will return that in spades… Wow… just Wow!!! ML
  9. I have seen Kylie twice now and am a bit hooked. She is absolutely gorgeous but more importantly her personality, commitment to service and demeanour are the best. From the first moment the door opened she seemed genuinely interested if not excited to see me. A hug and kiss is a great way to be greeted. As far as our time.. it felt genuine, intimate and lots of eye contact. Overall quite an amazing encounter. Run don’t walk to your appointment. ML
  10. Granted but it would be so amazingly awesome that you would never get excited about someone else squirting ever again. I wish that I were able to have a monthly orgy with the top 10 lovely ladies of Lyla. ( I know a ranking does not exist but it’s my wish.. let me have it)
  11. I zoomed in on the pictures and at least some seem to have been taken from another picture on a screen. I would exercise caution.
  12. Granted… it’s now the size of a mechanical pencil lead. Good luck with that. I wish I had unlimited funds to spend as much time as I wanted with the lovely Lyla providers.
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