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  1. MassageLover-613


    She is extremely well reviewed. Check the recommendation section.
  2. MassageLover-613

    Alyssa Faye. anyone seen her??

    I could be wrong but I don’t think Alyssa Faye = Ally Faye.
  3. MassageLover-613

    Tight Tiffany

    Anyone see her?
  4. MassageLover-613


    Not trying to be too “judgy” but that seems more like picking at a scab not scratching an itch.🤔
  5. MassageLover-613

    Alie on LL

    I was able to see Alie this evening and can verify she’s real. Pics are 100% her and she is very nice as well as smokin hot. She’s only in town tomorrow so see her while you can. She is hoping to get back in July and I hope I convinced her to create a lyla account and join the community. ML
  6. MassageLover-613

    Alie on LL

    Thanks Greenteal, not understanding how this make this provider fake. The number on the profile matches the number in the ad. Is it possible the provider works in Windsor or at least that is where the profile location was updated last? Or are you saying there is another profile that this one is copied from?
  7. MassageLover-613

    Alie on LL

    Putting this back to the top. anyone see Alie?
  8. MassageLover-613

    Alie on LL

    Ad is back up anyone see her?
  9. How the hell was “Victoria” ever going to explain her way out of not having those amazing tattoos?
  10. Was thinking of seeing her and did some research. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_julia_sweety_girl_in_halifax_real_one_no_rush-5021958 And here is what I found. https://twitter.com/caraspantystore/media?lang=fr
  11. MassageLover-613

    Alison on LL

    She is well reviewed on here. Alyson Baby for sure is the same Alison.
  12. MassageLover-613

    Maria on LL

    Anyone see Maria?
  13. MassageLover-613

    Wondering if Katie is safe ?

    Wondering the same. Ad says DDD enhanced and while I am not a boob-ologist I can certainly tell those are not DDD boobs.
  14. MassageLover-613

    Angie’s last week?

    Hahaha could have been me but alas I was not in Moncton...