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  1. I don’t think that’s the Jordyn that offers massage services she posts on LL in the massage section when she’s available.
  2. To all the wonderful providers that are so great…. I apologize that you are going through any of this… it is shocking to me to learn about such abusive and bad behaviour. It saddens me to know you don’t feel safe in this space. Such a shame… even worse that it just seems that you are asked to suck it up. It’s not fair. @East Coast Kimmy This is my reminder to see you soon and make sure you are treated right as you have always done that for me… Stay safe everyone… And to the few (you know you are) Grow up and stop being assholes! ML
  3. I see what you did there @SarahAlexxx very clever.. 😝
  4. @KylieJane will go out of her way to help you celebrate your birthday I’m sure!!! I second @SarahAlexxx as well she seems to always know exactly what to do… that reminds me I have to go see her again! @East Coast Kimmy and @Exotic Touch Danielle are also great options. For a real birthday celebration you might even book with both as I think they are open to working together. ( they can confirm that) ML
  5. So random… I had a wonderful experience with the duo offered by these two providers. The duo was one of my best. I guess that’s what is meant by YMMV. ML
  6. I agree 100% One of the best YFL experiences I have had… it’s almost always good, often it’s great, Alycia literally sets a new bar… Great personality, bangin body, super sweet and has all the elite courtesan skills you could hope for. if you can see her do it you will not regret it! ML
  7. I reviewed her as have others. She is soooo good.
  8. I have seen Sara and it is waaaaaay worth repeating. ML
  9. Had a chance to experience a duo with these lovely ladies. Oh my they are so sweet and friendly… I mean really friendly. Really really friendly. Classic YFL excellence. Alone or together you won’t be disappointed. book before it’s too late. ML
  10. This is so shocking but I guess I should not be shocked…Sad actually😢 I feel like “treat her well” should be over and above the baseline respect … not to bring behaviour up to a minimum bar. In my mind the “treat her well” is suited for the beautiful and professional women that treat clients with high degrees of respect as well. Some providers are legitimate and won’t steal but are very transactional. I have had the insane fortune and been very lucky to feel genuine connections with a few providers during my time seeing ladies. To name some in no particular order… Sarah Alexx Sexi Lexi Ivona Fox East Coast Kimmie Tallia Exotic Touch Danielle Kylie Jane Ms. Melody Angel Amber Phoenix Melanie Mys Wow I have been luckier than I should be… 😂. Bottom line treat everyone with respect… but I have found that going out of your way to be kind, nice, clean, respectful and polite goes a very long way with the most professional providers … which is who you should be seeing anyway. I did not mean for this to become an ad for the Halifax all-stars above but if it is so be it… ML..
  11. That is not the Lexi I saw!! https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_902_956_0595_incall_young_sexy_spinner-7081275?source=list this is the one and only true Sexi Lexi! phone ends in 0595. Ad is only up when she is available.
  12. I saw Sasha when she visited last time. I forgot to review. It was a very fun experience from start to finish. Very kind and easy to talk to. Smokin hot body and amazing skills. what a fantastic addition to YFL! ML
  13. Jegsaho gdgfr bmbxs fbxs sdvk bbcsr zag no 🔥 $&?( shoos…… if I had to leave a review immediately after seeing Lexi it would have looked very much like what’s above. She is that good. I had a great time because she is so easy to talk to. A bit distracting how fucking cute, sexy, hot she is. Some providers are cute, some are just dripping hotness she has it all. Then the skills!! just go see for yourself 15/10
  14. I don’t know about the phone situation but I believe they work together. I have talked to Amber ( I have seen her a few times) about a duo with Freya. I would have no reservations booking with either. ML
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