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  1. I will concur. I just saw the gal who is not to be discussed. It was her add, up for a friend that was visiting from Toronto, and working at her house.
  2. The ad is gone now, but if I knew what the ad looked like I might have some Intel on it Was it a cartoon with a teddy bear or something on a massage table?
  3. Exactly! I would disagree. There is talent in the city. Some advertise some don’t. Some you need referral some you don’t Generally speaking every encounter you have is a “your mileage may vary” experience The point is that a blanket statement like this it’s not accurate and is disingenuous I would agree that some cities have have much more volume
  4. Wow I haven’t tried any of these! These are some good recommendations. Thank you so much everybody Any others?
  5. Massage, classified by this hobby, would entail a massage component and an HE component. Strictly looking at the Massage only. Who is your vote for the highest quality Massage only?
  6. Thanks I appreciate the response I’m glad to hear actually that they weren’t one of the casualties, as it wereThanks I appreciate the response I’m glad to hear actually that they weren’t one of the casualties, as it were
  7. What’s happening with 311 during this lockdown? It looks as if it’s either being gutted, or possibly renovated. When I drove by it was wide open with scaffolding in front of the window on the inside. Didn’t have the regular desk and chairs of stuff that I could see. hopefully this business has not been An economic casualty Of the shut down
  8. During this lockdown I am being good, and observing social distancing, like everyone should really. However I was browsing the LL as in a saw this new Asian entry. Was wondering if anybody had any experience. Also wondering if there is just a travelling girl Actually have no intention of seeing her until this lockdown is over. Just trying to gather some Intel for the future. Also maybe generate a little bit of discussion Because the board is pretty quiet lately
  9. The Chief Provincial Public Health Officer issued orders under The Public Health Act as approved by the Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living. The following measures affect all Manitoba RMTs and will be in place as of 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, April 1st: All businesses that are not listed in the schedule of critical services that accompanies the Order must close between April 1st and April 14th. This includes massage therapy practices, as stated in Dr. Roussin's live statement on March 30th. (The specific reference is made at the 11:00 minute mark in the video.)
  10. Any of the lovely Asian gals? pm me please
  11. Was texting someone who went by the name of FAYA. Or maybe it was Faye Have not really seen anything on the boards about this provider or location Does anybody have any Intel?
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