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  1. Lucky888


    I haven’t seen it advertisement for a long time. Can someone please PM me their contact information any intel?
  2. Lucky888

    Lily at 841

    They should clear up the controversy by naming them Lily 1.0, Lily 2.0, Lily 3.0 etc.
  3. Lucky888

    kijji 4202

    Lube free I hear what you’re saying and agree 100% However sometimes I try to remember that one of the biggest problems with these places is actual consistency of services. I guess we are always looking for the McDonald’s experience where you get exactly what you were expecting The problem here is the human factor. It could be an off day for the attendant , They have lives and problems outside of the jobs. Sometimes hard for them to stay consistent I don’t know exactly what experience you had, and I would agree That if it was a dealbreaker, never return again. But sometimes I will give it a pass and try again because it might be one of those consistency things However two bad experiences for me Will constitute a hard pass on a provider
  4. Lucky888

    Most fun?

    Was wondering which Sara you were talking about. Where does this Sarah work if you don’t mind?
  5. Lucky888

    Ness Massage news

    I park at Tim’s and tunnel in across ness
  6. Lucky888

    2019 All Star award Entries

    Great quality/technique for me, that’s a good thing
  7. Yes, it’s that time a year again, to announce Winnipeg’s Asian All-Stars for 2019 (locals only!) I will begin: best overall experience: Sunny best Teasing: Jenny most professional massage: Kathy please submit your entries
  8. Lucky888

    Betty or Nancy

    Was there recently. betty is Playful and engaging. just not my cup o tea.
  9. Lucky888

    Young massage "k"

    A bit misleading for sure
  10. Lucky888

    Most fun?

    Ha ha. This forum really needs a playbook for who is who, who they used to be, who they are now, where they are now and where they used to be.......
  11. Lucky888

    Tulip or Lilly 2082 Ness

    yes very common. People from southern China have difficulty Saying the letter L. Also Hong Kong people substitute the letter N for the letter L. This is very common when they are speaking So Lisa becomes Nisa That would be my best guess. But you never know. Maybe she really is Nisa
  12. Lucky888

    Most fun?

    First post here. hi all. I am a long-time lurker who has just recently joined officially. Nice to make your acquaintance I was wondering who you feel to be the most Engaged, chatty and fun to visit of the local Asian ladies. Just looking for your thoughts and opinions.