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  1. I don’t see what you were referencing. Can you provide a link?
  2. There will be a long lineup if shu is back
  3. I have heard that this new gal there, replaced the “glove girl” this new gal who is rumoured to have worked at Crystal for a long time. Paragraph I’ve never been to Crystal, so I don’t know any of the names Might be instructive to definitively find out who exactly is working there
  4. Perhaps provide us with a link, or the ad specifically
  5. Broadway….. B.Y.O.L. Bring your own Lysol scary!
  6. Good for her Shu Is genuinely a super nice person. Hard-working and probably one of the best massages I’ve ever received. So glad to hear she’s doing well
  7. Shu does not work anymore, to my knowledge anyways Unless you know something I don’t?
  8. Kiki she is mid 40s call me by my estimation I was there once but won’t repeat. Very strange encounter
  9. I texted her, she says she works out of 609 Sergeant I have no clue who works there as I’ve never been there Perhaps someone who frequents there can tell us what the lineup looks like there and whether this is legit or not?
  10. If you do that you were playing with fire That’s a special kind of stupid in my opinion
  11. Exactly! I would disagree. There is talent in the city. Some advertise some don’t. Some you need referral some you don’t Generally speaking every encounter you have is a “your mileage may vary” experience The point is that a blanket statement like this it’s not accurate and is disingenuous I would agree that some cities have have much more volume
  12. Wow I haven’t tried any of these! These are some good recommendations. Thank you so much everybody Any others?
  13. Massage, classified by this hobby, would entail a massage component and an HE component. Strictly looking at the Massage only. Who is your vote for the highest quality Massage only?
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