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  1. She's been here a few times. If you ever saw the Asians Nana, Monica or Cindy you probably already know her. Same girl different name and I fall for it every time. LoL
  2. Back to the original question on Tiffany Skyy. Pics aren't real. Not even close. Great tits and DTF though.
  3. Yes I saw her last week and im pretty sure I've seen her a couple months ago using another name. Of course the pics are not real and she's older than add states but everyone knows that. She is super tight and DTF so well worth the $140.
  4. Are Tina and Jasmine s pictures real or at least a reasonable representative?
  5. I don't think Jasmine has been down here since 2019. I used to try and see her every trip she made. I wish she would comeback too.
  6. I saw Britt about a month ago. Pics are real. She is a cute little lady with a good attitude.
  7. I saw her once last fall. Her pictures are real and recent. Very friendly girl. Only disappointment was she doesn't ride-em cowgirl but i still would see her again if I was in the area.
  8. Any info on this girl. She doesn't post a name so I can't seem to find any info. http://newbrunswick.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/hosting-now-super-specials80hh130-hour/1833683
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