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  1. Homemade burgers, broccoli salad & beer. Sounds like a Saturday night dinner not Sunday.
  2. Hockey... what hockey? Hockey season ended 2weeks ago. Or as former NFL coach Jim Mora says "PLAYOFFS!" Good luck to all the fans that still have teams playing! Signed, Bruins fan
  3. Look in the Kingston recommendations. Slurp posted 1 on Mar 31
  4. I never thought of it that way but you raise some good points that this will make me a better person in the long run.Hopefully it will be a quick lesson & not drag on for many seasons... lol. Although I tease the Leaf fans it must be very frustrating to be one after what they went through this year.
  5. No playoffs for me this year. The Bruins just couldn't get it done when they had to. It would be good to see Ottawa upset the Habs but that won't be easy. I feel a lot like a Leaf fan when I say this.... "wait until next year". Lol
  6. The whole scenario does sound exciting and I think it would add that something extra to the encounter. I'd really like to give this a try. Stayed tuned.
  7. Real name: Dick Slam Curb name: Daddy Slapalot Not sure about that last one
  8. I may have to cheer for the Habs tonight to beat the Wings even though its against my principles as a Bruins fan. After the Bruins loss to the Caps last night they need all the help they can get. I feel like I'm gagging when I say this but "Go Habs Go".
  9. This run for the Eastern conference playoffs has to be one of the closest that I have seen in recent years. Lots of potential upsets. Not good for the Pens tonight. Go Bruins go!
  10. I've been a Bruins fan for as long as I remember. Actually I'll cheer for whatever team is playing against the Habs... lol. I'm from Kingston On and there was a number of players who were either from here or passed through here before heading to the NHL. There was also a farm team connection here with the Bruins in the 50-60's.
  11. Watching Bruins vs Leafs. Bruins need the win to keep playoff hopes alive
  12. Baseball... could this game move any slower Basketball is a close 2nd
  13. According to this quiz I'm a "TARZAN. All I need now is to find Jane!
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