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  1. She’s real OP and has good reviews. She was with Mirage for a while (here in Ottawa) and was also an MA at ALO going by the name of Masie for quite some time. If you look for reviews of Masie at ALO you will find nice things said about her, she went Indy now, I don’t have to much to add other than that. Cheers man.
  2. Agree wholeheartedly, I spent a lovely hour with Miami earlier this year. She is gorgeous, fit, personable and is a sweet young lady.
  3. The anticipation of the erotic massage experience is something. No guarantees for any service, yet I still go back for more, never know what the chemistry will be like when you meet someone new. Camila's bio appeared on the Brass website in early summer I think. I recognized her pictures from a least a year or two ago, intrigued, and finally reserved time with her via the online booking tool. Session time, in walks lovely petite Camila, lingerie clad, smile on her face. I don't remember that much chit-chat in the initial encounter, although there definitely was, I vividly remember Camila getting right up close to me to and invading my space. She looked up at me and said, "Do you like to kiss"? I told her I loved to kiss, bending down she laid the most delicious deep french kiss on me. I came up for air, thought this was pretty damn great. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Her reaction to that and many kisses was just as equal, purposeful and she was into it as much as I. I think we spent the whole session kissing and holding each other, it was that enjoyable. She stand's about 5'0 tall, spinner definitely, feather-light, Auburn / Brunette hair, pretty brown eyes. Sexy tight body, firm booty and I love her (.)(.) soft, intimately sensitive. She has some sexy video's on her Twitter page here: Camila I've since talked to her in subsequent sessions, which has since overridden the initial amnesia. She is bright, articulate, easy to talk with and just as unique a person as anyone you would meet in life. She is probably one of the most sensual girls I have been with, kinda her m.o. From her slinky MA moves, firm massage hands, extended fun shower play time or her feminine moans when I am touching and kissing her all over, it pretty much all gets me going, the chemistry with her just works. "Brass Tacks", I came across this little used word recently. Get down to the "Brass Tacks" @ Brass Club and the MA of your choice 🙂 #thegirlwiththemostkisses
  4. Users are migrating to Twitter and other forums for a quick fix I agree, but boards themselves also make hard on themselves. One example is this board making the review section private. I still think there is a place for boards, they themselves have to find ways to encourage use.
  5. Megan @Body basics 3000 She is sexy and has long black hair. Check the schedule on the B.B website fir her availability.
  6. Hunter (Indy) Tara (Indy) Exclusively Mia (Indy) Katrina (Vibe) - recently very naturally enhanced Cleopatra (Brass)
  7. A couple of months ago I checked out Mirage's site, noticed her availability and and took a chance as there are no reviews for Tina. She is generally available on the weekends from what I can tell, which works for me as that is when I am generally available, so I had the occasion to meet her and I was very impressed by this wonderful provider. Since that time I have repeated with her on a couple of occasions. I believe in general she is new to the industry. She is a very pleasant person to be with, fluent in both French and English. In fact when speaking she has a very faint but cute french accent. Mirage has a nice little condo in downtown Ottawa, convenient, parking on the street, all good. I posted a picture off the Mirage site, the pictures of her are accurate. She is a petite women, so petite in fact that when trying to kiss her I have to bend down a bit and she steps up on her toes. I've never really been with a petite women and the sensation is quite different. She's pretty, nice body, slim and has a pleasant demeanor As for our interactions, it was a definite GFE experience, She enjoys kissing (DFK) and I did kiss her allot. As with any encounter YMMV applies, but it was a GFE experience for my time with her.
  8. Shay is someone I would love to meet. I'm not sure when she will be in town next, but from her Twitter account postings, she seems like she would be fun to be with (https://twitter.com/Candian_Dream).
  9. As a follow to my comment up top I had a recent visit with Autumn and had a fantastic time with her.
  10. I’m in Ottawa, I get tested regularly, every few months. You seem to know quite a bit about the topic anyway, however if you do go see your doc and ask for an STI test , they have a standard regimen to test and HIV is one of them. I am sure it is the same in Nova Scotia as it is here. It’s easy, do it for your own piece of mind, I found my doc was helpful without being nosy about my affairs.
  11. Hey man first time is alaways a little difficult but go for it, you won’t regret it. As far as Autumn or Layla go, I don’t think you can go wrong with either choice. Both have positive reviews here. Just make sure to phone and pre-book them, just walking in you may not be able to book with them. If you walk in (and are a member) you may be presented with a choice of hostesses who are available at the time. May be hard to choose, I know I would feel awackward but that is me thought, you may feel like a kid in a candy store. However book ahead by phoning or using the online booking tool is best if you know who you want to have a session with. Anyway go for it, and a have a good time with the lovely ladies at brass club. Cheers.
  12. ALO east is a short walk/ride away and it does not require a membership (alogroupmassage.com) Indie MAs in the area would be the trifecta of Tara, Elle and Erica. Brass and Cmj both require membership, for Cmj I have contacted the MAs via twitter/sms and they invite you as a guest. Brass membership is quite easy ($5) no ID is required. I little further down Montreal Rd., but a spot I have frequented is Vibe spa, no membership, just call and book.
  13. Highly recommend her new SPA for those looking for an MA experience. Rooms are large, very unique and original design, big showers, big fun 😉 ..just saying.
  14. I don't remember an Allison from Vibe and I have been going there for a couple of years now. Not that I know this girl, don't recognize the name.
  15. She is legit. I started seeing her when she was at a West End spa, reviewed below, I saw her many times there. I have seen her twice since she went Indy, same great experience. She is gorgeous, petite women as I said in my review below. She is actually a very sweet person also, fun to be with. I also believe she speaks French also (but ask for to be sure). If you look at her pics on Twitter that is her, those pictures are not fake. As and Indy provider I believe she offers both an MA and SP service. The two times I saw her as an Indy were for her SP service, so I don't know if there is a rate difference for MA, in either case you can ask her. I have included her contact new contact info for her now as the info below is not accurate, but the details are 🙂 PM me if you want. https://twitter.com/huntersdenxxx Text : 613-227-3080 Mod if you could update her contact info that would be appreciated. I'll add to her review thread when I get a chance.
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